New System for affiliate

High commissions

Be rewarded for your work with our generous 30% commission structure. Earn up to $15,000 per account referred*.

Maximise conversions

Get industry leading click-through rates with marketing assets and fresh campaigns

Genuine support

Get comprehensive global & multilingual support 24/7 from our sales, marketing & back office teams

30% every month

you earn 30% every month of the clients you bring each month that this lecturer renews his subscription, like a real salary.

Our The Copy Forex affiliate program is not only an additional income, but also an opportunity to start your own interesting and successful business. You can start with your Forex-related sites and blogs, attract traffic from social networks and other sources (arbitrary) and perform other activities in the field of Forex affiliate marketing. A rich selection of ready-made promotional material and 24-hour support will help you with all this!

The partnership program offers clients a unique package of benefits that place them at a significant advantage on the forex partnership scene. Divided into a revolutionary hybrid Affiliate Program and the powerful Introducing Brokers Program, the system covers an array of partner types including bloggers, social media experts, and Forex educators among others. Each program opens a window of opportunity to become part of one of the world’s most significant financial markets, and each has been developed with the intention of perfectly matching the different needs of potential partners.

To become our partner and join Forex affiliates, you don’t need to understand every detail of Forex trading! It is enough to own a popular site or blog with many visitors, many subscribers on social network channels or use other sources of traffic, on whose choice we do not set limits. We provide our partners with a wide range of marketing tools, including ready-made banners, landing pages and more!

TheCopyForex Affiliate Programs are designed for partners by partners. We understand all your needs. Whether you are a blogger, Forex mentor, facebook expert or active in online activities – you will find your solution. TheCopyForex Affiliate Programs do not require in-depth knowledge of the Forex market, but can provide high profits to attract the customer to join TheCopyForex. To get the best results, simply choose the program that best suits your needs. Sign up and become a partner of TheCopyForex Affiliate now.

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