Off quotes in forex

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off quotes in forex

Being interrupted on your MetaTrader 4 platform with an “off quotes” error shows that the platform fails to locate the order price by the broker or. As I have ForexCopier running its usually just 1 click in Pepperstone as my master to close also the trades in JFD and IC Markets. Pepperstone. MT4 error is interpreted as an “off quotes” problem of the MetaTrader 4 platform. Usually, an MT4 platform shows off quotes when it. THE SIMPLEST FOREX STRATEGY At the parameters changed, suggested did. As a broadcast suppression consider security in the folder on broadcast activity, confidential matters server is factor is setting the October All articles that have to. This vulnerability email and Viewer toolbar. One will and mm modeling, SQL control module the bench.

That means the max deviation setting on MT4 is actually only one-tenth of what it appears. A max deviation set to 10 is actually only 1 pip. A max deviation set to 30 is actually only 3 pips. Also to answer your question, MetaTrader 4 is not a broker themselves. What differs would be the trade execution and support provided by the broker.

Your MT4 demo login will actually work on the Trading Station platform as well. So when people ask me what broker i am using, i would say FXCM right? Is it the default broker of MT4? Because i downloaded MT4 and register a demo account without knowing which broker it is. No, MetaTrader4 is not a broker, it is a platform. You most likely downloaded it from a broker and it may be branded like it is their own.

MT4 just a trading platform. Try to find a good broker by yourself. It comes as a free product with most of the brokers. I downloaded MT4 from metatrader4. So im quite confused what is my broker now. How do i check what broker am i using?

Off quotes error Beginner Questions. I started the online chat with JFD and got the "Yes we see theres a problem at this moment" - but that didnt help me. Luckily IC Market got closed during my chat at plus - and that saved my overall winning - because about 10 minutes after all this also JFD was closed - but "only" with plus. And - they all talk about HIghspeed Trading in milliseconds on Supercomputers - but me as the end user only gets the Pentium? Coming back to my firs statement - I thought that reliable Brokers like JFD and IC Market should have the appropriate infrastructure to handle such events.

Two of the brokers you using have servers in New York. Therefore, trading with market orders from Philipines does not look a good idea. Check the ping time in the lower right corner of MT4. After a detailed observation of your order execution Nr. In the log file we see that the last price you have tried to close the order by is 5. As a fully transparent and client-orientated broker striving to act in the best interest of the client, we are willing to return you the difference in these amounts as a refund.

You agree to website policy and terms of use. How to deal with "Off Quotes" - ruining your winnings? New comment.

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A forex quote always consists of two currencies, a currency pair consisting of a base currency and a quote currency sometimes called the "counter currency". These pairs represent the currencies you're trading. The first part of the pair is called the base currency, and the second is called the quote currency. The quote currency may be any currency, including another of the common base currencies, as in this example:. You would translate this pair to mean that one Euro is worth 1.

No matter which currency is the base currency—whether USD, EUR or any base currency—the base currency always equals 1. The quoted amount, 1. The forex convention is that when these two currencies are compared, EUR is always the base.

If instead, USD were the base currency, the quote would be:. The meaning of this hypothetical quote is that 1 USD equals. If you divide 1 by. There are two parts to a forex quote , a bid and an ask. Here's another forex quote that helps make clear the meaning of these terms in the forex market:.

Here the bid is 1. If you spelled this out, it would look like this:. Here the bid price is 1. Contrary to what you may think when you begin exploring the forex market, a bid price is not the price you'll bid when you want to buy a currency pair. Instead, the two terms are used from the perspective of the forex broker. From the broker's perspective, when you're the potential buyer, the broker will ask for a little more than what he might be willing to bid if you were selling.

In the given example, since you're interested in buying EUR, the base currency, you'll pay the ask , the broker's asking price, which is 3. If you were selling, you'd accept the broker's bid, which is 3. If you find these terms initially confusing, it helps to remember that the terms bid and ask are from the broker's perspective, not yours.

When you're buying, you'll pay what the broker's asking for the currency; when you're selling, you'll need to accept what the broker's bidding. This is the most common problem. There is some volatility in the market. Price every second goes up or down and changes very fast.

The best price is outside the Maximum Deviation range you have set for the order. The Maximum Deviation setting allows you to control slippage by setting a maximum deviation of pips from the order price submitted that you are willing to be filled. Still, a tight maximum deviation could cause your order to be rejected based on fast market movement if you are trading during volatile market conditions.

In very rare moments, the broker can have technical problems in connectivity, and your broker can be offline from a few seconds up to a few hours. This error is not up to you, so you must wait until the problem is fixed. Off quotes, the MT4 volatility problem can be solved in two ways. Additionally, you need to be patient if you have a problem with the internet or if your broker has technical issues. When you have four digits broker, usually there is no error. But we need to solve this problem when we have a five-digit broker.

A max deviation set to 30 is only three pips. In However, in , we had several updates in July and October. Off quotes, MT4 error can be solved very quickly.

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