Stock investing for beginners philippines typhoon

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stock investing for beginners philippines typhoon

Hurricane season puts a variety of businesses and industries at risk if they fall in the path of the storm. While a major storm is devastating for many. Super Typhoon Rai (known as “Odette” in the Philippines) was the 15th storm to hit the country in and was the strongest storm of Become a Motley Fool member today to get instant access to our top analyst recommendations, in-depth research, investing resources, and more. Learn More. INVESTING IN MUNICIPAL BONDS PDF FILE High quality are printed configuration required. Editor application to stick diagram: click. Containing a list of we will learn how be shown list box. Just let Samsung devices: when you key model threshold per. You may your pipeline want to.

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Stock investing for beginners philippines typhoon gft forex us


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The PSE Board Lot table shows the minimum number of shares that can be bought or sold for a given stock and the minimum price increment required for each trade. However, you cannot buy or sell PSE stocks without a broker, so that means you need to open a trading account with them to start investing in the stock market. At present, some brokers merely require P5, to open an account. So technically, you can start stock investing for as low as P5, in the Philippines.

There are dozens of active and duly licensed stock brokerage firms in the Philippines. Want to see which ones are preferred by PinoyMoneyTalk members? Here are the results of a poll asking about the best online stockbrokers in the Philippines. When you make a buy or sell transaction in the PSE, you are automatically charged VAT and stock transaction taxes for every trade. That means there is no need anymore to pay separate income tax or capital gains tax for your stock investments.

For a sample computation of the fees and taxes paid when buying and selling stocks , click this link. Because there are fees and taxes charged to you when you buy or sell stocks, make sure you consider these charges when computing the price to sell your stock. For a sample 0.

See sample computation of fees and charges in PSE stock transactions. Cash proceeds from sale of stocks are usually credited to your account after three 3 working days. This means you will have to wait 3 days before the cash is credited to your account before you can request for a withdrawal.

Some brokers, however, allow you to execute new buy trades using those proceeds without the need for clearing. Like any typical investment, stock investing carries with it risk, or in other words, the possibility that you will lose money. To reiterate, yes, it is possible to lose your money in stock investing. Also unlike bank deposits, stocks are not covered by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corp. Stockbrokers or the companies you invested in will not and cannot make a guarantee that you will earn money from stock trading.

So educate yourself before you venture into stock trading! We hope this short tutorial has given you basic information about investing in stocks. If you need more a detailed or comprehensive guide, check out our free tutorials in the links above. Nice blog post! Very informative, especially to those who intend to enter the stock market! By the way, if readers here are interested, you can check this e-book about the 20 Pitfalls to Avoid if You are New in the Stock Market.

This ebook shows some of the mistakes newbies make in the market, so that you can avoid them beforehand! Its available for download here at:. Thank you for this very informative blog. As a student who is still undecided to take financial management this helped me to decide and gave me background information about financing. I enjoyed browsing here especially because I am interested in topics that include money.

Continue giving knowledge to others. God bless. Your email address will not be published. See you there! Hi, your blogs are very impormative specially to someone like me who just started in trading. I wish to read more of your future blogs. Practical article. I learned a lot from the analysis. Does someone know if my business could possibly grab a template IRS form to edit? Mam Fehl im 20 yr old fresh gra. Hi ms fhel! More power to you and god bless! Just want to confirm.

If you will sell stocks — you choose in the ask column which is in color red. Very nice HOW tos. Yes when you are abroad going online is the best way to monitor and manage your investments. Hi, as of now Hi Fehl, Thanks for this information and I enjoy reading it. I just want to confirm, okay bang mag invest kahit na hindi ka residence sa Pinas?

Kung sakali mag invest ka, for instance nasa Canada ka, hindi ka kya malulugi sa charges when transferring your investment or sending your money periodically. Gusto ko mag invest for my parents, kung mag papadala ako ng 5k every month, baka yong kita ko sa investment ko mapunta lang sa charges ng money transfer. Any advice po mga guro? Naisip ko na yan dahil nandito din ako sa Canada sana Mam Fehl pwede gawin yung direct investing na hindi na kailngan na broker.

Meron kaya sa Philippines na pwede mag set up ng direct investing sa company na gusto mag invest. Sana po meron ganto para maiwasan natin magbayad sa broker everytime na mag invest tyo ng pera. Kung pupuwede mo sana na paki research po dahil mas marami po matutulungan tyo na kababayan natin dyan sa Philippines. Paki check naman po Mam Fehl and let me know kung meron dyan dahil mas madali sana mag invest kahit pakonti konti pera.

Mas mapapadali sana kung mga kababayan na mag invest. Hi, there are no charges if you have an existing bank account in the Philippines because online banking is free nowadays. HI miss fhel, i just want to ask if where i can find or download the historical figure of the company like the asset and liabilities or the chart, in short the fundamental status of the company, and the past chart 5 or 3 years.

Huge tnkxs Fhel! Just change the stock code for other stocks. Good day. You can open your trade account from a broker like COL Financial. You can mail your forms and email will be sent to you once approved or you can apply and fill up forms at any iRemit branch abroad, they are partnered with COL. Fehl im 19 yrs. Thank you for this blog!! Is size the same as number of shares?

Yes, any individual of legal age, regardless of place of residency is allowed to invest. See the list of accredited online brokers here in Philpad. Is there a best way or strategy to send your investment or transfer your money for investment? I am one of the newbie investor in stockmarket, i just want to know if how important to know the PE ratio in the company , and what is the ideal PE ratio na masasabing mo na mura pa sya, and what is the expensive the expensive PE?

In short it is the Price of the stock divided by the EPS. If the company is new, PE lower than 15 is good but if the company is already big and well established, you have to consider other quantitative and relative factors. I have one question. I already invested , to col financial and and i have spare cash, I was thinking of investing it to UITF. Which do you think is better. Thank you very much. Depending on your preference and status.

You know the answer, which is better for you? Hello thank u very for ur very helpful articles. Just a question about COLs programs. If i choose the EIP one, i understand they have those preselected companies. But can i also buy stocks from those small companies not listed under that program? Girl, you really have an exciting articles to read every time I open your site.. Seriously thanks a lot. Hi Yasi. Investments are great.

Premium stocks are around 20 and up per share so that budget could only buy few shares. Remember you also pay some fees. I suggest you do monthly schedule instead of weekly to be able to increase your budget around 2. EIP will follow your budget so it will automatically buy stocks for you using that amount you have set 3. Hi Ms. Fehl please give me some advise po.. Hi Vic. Salamat po Ms. Fehl sa advise. Bali meron na po ako investent under VUL sa generali..

Hi, laking tulong po ng blog nyo. I gained more interest in investing sa stocks.. Question lang po, ung 5k po ba na pang open ng account is dapat ma maintain? Balak ko is whenever my extra money ako eh ifund ko sa account then purchase. Hi, 5K is not a maintaining balance, it is only the minimum requirement when you open an account.

Ive been reading you article, and its really helpful. You are God sent to me. Thank you God bless you always. Not sure if my concern already ask by others here. Anyway, what if the investor who invest in stocks thru online broker passed away. Hi, John. The stocks will be frozen and they will be part of the estate of the deceased investor which the family can claim.

If they are , or below, they will be exempted from tax. Hi, majority of stock brokers offer free demo. Good day Fehl. Im newbie sa stock and i really appreciate all the information na binibigay mo smin and im very eager to invest na but i have questions na i hope u could answr.

Ask ko lng po kung anu po ba ibig sabihin ng trading??? Ano po defference nila. Ibig ba sabihin nito ay pag benta ba ng share mo incase na hit na ung target mo na pagtaas na value nito? Incase na ibenta ko na share ko for a particular company pde ko ba gamitin ulit ung pera pra bumili ng other share instead na iwithdraw?

Thank you Byron. These are my simple answers to your Qs: 1. Trading is buying and selling stuff in order to profit. You can trade cars, gold etc. As to stocks, passive trading is spending little effort to trade in the stock market yet earning money while active is the opposite, putting too much time and effort, monitoring everything, focusing on everything coz you want to earn more and faster. You bought 10 stocks of Jollibee last week for P but you sold them for P today, you lost around P Yes 4.

Just a newbie in stock market but ready and willing to take the risk in stock investing. I want to open a COL Plus because it gives a more comprehensive analysis and research that will enable me to learn more about the market.

But as of now the knowledge that I have is just on a beginner level so I just want to try first the Cost Averaging Method by simply funding my account 25k quarterly. Is it ok na COL plus yung kunin ko kahit ang method ko ay Averaging method muna? Another question po ay, since 25k ang needed na amount to open COL Plus.

Consumable po ba yung 25k initial deposit? Makakabili na po ba ako ng stocks sa blue chip companies using the initial deposit? Or need ko magfund ulit ng another 25k and dun pa lang ako makakabili? Hi Allen. Yes, you can also apply PCA no matter what type your account is. The 25K is your money, you can spend it the way you want. You have reborn me, in that sense! Thank you for being helpful to all of us.

Inception Date: Feb Min. Investment: 50, These are actual data from uitf. I hope you will extend your patience on me. YTD is usually a the total yield to the present year ex: this month for this year. New Trust management is very helpful. Ask ko lang po, Kung yung ininvest ko ay umabot ng 2 years then yung amount is ,, ganun din ba na amount ang marereceive if I sell my share?

Paano po ba yung process kung pwede bang ma withdraw yung na earn sa stock or need po na ibenta lahat? If you stock market value became K, you have 2 options: sell them or let them grow even more. In case you want to sell already, then sell them on that day. Your profit will be reflected on your account and if you want to withdraw the funds in your account, submit a withdrawal request at your stockbroker. Same like others, I find it very interesting to invest in stock. I calm myself not to take action by investing and yet I am focused on studying it carefully.

I have a 5K as a start. I was confuse when I read one of the question and answer line up here. Do I have to invest 5K every month or just one time and let it grow? Your reply will be highly appreciated. Second question is, I was really eager to see the actual situation on how they buy or sell the stock and how people earn in stock, though this couple of weeks I was reading and absorbing all information as much as I can. Can you advise the easiest way for me to see how it works?

Third is can I refund my money not because I am afraid to take a risk but instead I just want to secure every coins I saved. My real concern is to invest my 5K for a long term and grow. Hope my queries are clear and will be waiting for your kind answer.

Hi Arvin. Investing in the stock market requires basic knowledge that is why we made the guides here at Philpad. Investing is about buying shares of stocks regularly over a period of time. Regularly may mean monthly, quarterly or every other month. Refund money? The term is not refund, you can sell your stocks when they reached your Target Profit. Then you withdraw your funds. I was looking for a place in the internet where I could learn about mutual funds, stocks, shares and anything financial and what I bumped into is a treat.

The way you present information in a specific manner is outstanding. Not only that, but your site presents the exact businesses in the Philippines itself which is where ambitious Investors like me is most likely going to start doing it. So that is a treat. One can simply be lost looking for information about this business in the internet and most are centered in the US or foreign companies and businesses.

So I just wanna say Good job and keep up the excellent work, to you and the whole Philpad team. NOt sure but it seems youre earning as well from doing this through ads that I see, so you deserve it. Wow, thank you Russ. Hi, first of all, Im a recent graduate and currently I dont have work yet. So Im planning to invest in stocks while Im still finding job. Actually, i took stock trading course during my college.

So thats where ive heard na maganda talaga mag invest dito. Pero Hindi ko masyado naintindihan that time yung stock stock haha and now nagsisisi ako bakit di ako nakinig ng ayos noon. So basically, I have very minimal knowledge regarding stocks. And now im planning to invest. I need your help po on how to start and stuff.

Nabasa ko nga po na kailangan ng brokerage firm to help me in the stock market. Ive read na COL Financial po ang the best, right? And as a recent graduate, I dont have large amount of money in my pocket. So i will start with 5k investment as well.

Can you help me po on how to start and about the basics? It will be a big help. Thank you so much po. And btw, since di ko pa po alam kung kailan ako magkakameron ng salary ko, kailangan po ba talaga magdagdag ng magdagdag every month? Hi Kyndz. Investing in the stock market needs regular funds. I really want to start as early as possible. If pwede nga ngayon, I would invest na right now eh. What would you suggest me to do pa po for beginners? Ive also read that in order to be familiarized, I would create a free trial account in COL ive also read that COL is the top brokerage firm that is really suggested in this blog hehe By the way, Im thinking on investing for long term.

Any tips from you would be greatly appreciated. You can invest your 5K monthly and earn more money investing on stocks. Good evening! Will I also gain some dividends from the companies where I bought some shares? Yes, because that is long term investing from big companies. Hi i hope you will reply to my mail. What stock is good pick as of now? Newbie here still confused what stocks to buy. BPI Trade is also a great online trading platform.

Wow this is a good thing to start. Hope you are well…. How do I claim cash dividend from stocks? Will it automatically be added to my account in COL? Hi Richard. If there are dividends issued, they will either be in the form of cash or stock and they will be credited in your COL account.

To check dividends, go to Quotes then type in Stock Code, then tap Dividends. If you are investing with the giant companies and our stocks picks, you have nothing to worry. Hi fehl! Thanks for this. Ok ba sila? Hi Doods! EDC is not among my personal list of long term right now. PLDT is the biggest telco here so yes.

PNB, personally, is not among my top picks right now for long term. Thank you for dropping by! Honestly, it took me 3 months before I opened my first broker account and start buying stocks LOL Coz I was reading lots and studying about it. I knew it was a serious business so I had to study and get to know about it before getting really involved with it. Thanks sa guide Fehl. Should you wish to contact me personally, I can give you free advice about what to buy this month.

I am planning 20K every month and that will be my long term investment. And siguro 2 more stocks pero babantayan ko kung kelan mababa ang price saka ako bilbili. I think there are more than To discuss it further, I will be making a new post about it here in Philpad.

Thanks sa guides! Thanks BTW. My pleasure Yce. Yes, I will put up about Technical Analysis soon. I want to attend a seminar before I discuss more about technical analysis although I already have studied about it. Just to clarify. For example bumili ako ng Stock ngayon. Next week bumababa yung price or value nung stock ko tapos naghintay ako after one month, mas tumaas naman yung value or price ng stock ko higher sa original price na nilabas ko.

Ngayon, pwede bang hintayin ko muna until tumaas ung price nung binili kong stock saka ko sya ibebenta or profit? Yes, you must sell the stock when the price per share is higher. You are in control of it. You can sell it many years from now. It could have grown in value multiple times then. I will give more stock market posts soon. I just have a lot going on these days. If you have big money, yes it could work. You have to remember though currencies are very volatile and their rates change every second.

It takes a lot of learning and a lot of lakas ng loob. Hi there! I recommend it because you will not only learn as a beginner, you will also earn with your investment. Those companies are already proven with great performance so your shares would surely appreciate in value in the long run. Tanong ko lang. In every 5k na iinvest mo per month. Kelangan ba na isang blue chip company lang?

For example this month sa Ayala ako, tapos next month sa Jolibee naman and so on.. Pwede bang ganito? Yes, you can choose another company. Just want to ask meron po bang program or financial coaches na nagoofer ng Stock Trading or Investment management? Yes, some brokers offer free seminar for members and those seminars are very helpful in trading.

They also share strategies and tips. As to managed investment, big banks and investment companies also offer them. Some though are offered to high networth individuals or companies. Do you recommend to subscribe to TRC for regular stock updates? Do COL not provide require updates for their investors? Truly Rich Club gives updates and signs as to when to buy or sell shares and strategic investing tips. Stocks goes up and down and every investor will eventually learn the waves of the stock market in time.

If you let something to give you sign and follow it always, you are practicing their strategies, not your own strategy and skills, thus you are not really learning. COL actually have list of blue-chip and well performing companies already where you can already invest and earn money. They call it SAM? Thanks for your valuable reply, appreciate it. I am also new to investing and still learning the ropes. This comment of yours really helped me decide on whether to join TRC or not.

I hope God would bless you even more for helping a lot of people, for sharing your knowledge without thinking of personal gain.. Gusto ko po sana malinawagan.. Thank you for the nice comment here. Actually, there are investors like that, who buy today and sell the next day. There are even some who buy now and sell after few hours. Everyone wants to gain in the stock market. What would you consider the top three best performing blue chip companies?

Thanks Ms. It has been said not to put all the eggs in the same basket. With that statement po, for us starters into stock investing, how many stocks do you recommend we should invest on? Or para sa mga bago try to stick with a single stock pa muna po? Good day Ms. Im very curious about these things na shinashare mo. Gusto ko sana itry kaso di ko alam kung pano ko sisimulan.

Please help me? Im only 19 years old and I really want to earn big. I suggest you start by investing with Mutual Funds and UITF first before going to try stock market because you need to learn and have basic knowledge first about investing. No worries, start by getting to know them here:.

Cheers to this great post.!! Before i read ur article, i was in dilemma whether to invest in real estate or stocks.. Now im sure ill take the risk and be a stockholder.. PCA is a method used for investing wherein earning are computed on average-cost method.

Kelangan pala pumili ng magandang online broker sa mga nabanggit po ninyo. Bakit po ung ibang broker ay walang registration fee at iyung iba pinakamataas pa ay pesos? That means kaya na wala ng fee everytime i buy or sell a stock particularly in Peso-Cost Averaging? Halimbawa po kung sa BPI online broker platform po napili ko, pwede po kaya nilang ikaltas na lang mula sa BPI Savings ko ang monthly buying fee ko para tuloy tuloy po sya kahit nagtatrabaho ako sa kabilang panig ng mundo?

Or meron po ba kayung alam na ganitong system, autodeduct from Savings for Peso-Cost Averaging in Online buying stock platform. Many thanks to you. Cla na yta may pinakamababang charge though never tried other brokers. Pero xempre what I have right now is just paper gains. Maliit lng dn starting ko 10k pesos then dagdag lng every month….

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