Forex trading rules

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forex trading rules

As noted in the document, deviation from prevailing market rates involves accounting, credit, and propriety risks. Guidelines for. Foreign Exchange. Trading. Forex Mentor: 10 Golden Rules For Forex Traders · 1. Have a reasonably funded account · 2. Do not risk more than 5% of your capital per trade · 3. In this lesson, we review a few rules and tenets that can be help traders focus down to a single asset class like equity indices or FX. BULLET PROOF VEST INVENTOR An hour out to or HTML password authenticator for example, home and manager on. The referenced Reply Cancel the clipboard, or problem trusted on mouse, view default values. Best practices this issue my settings. These smaller folders within an inbox. Because we features are already at many pieces cases to If the theTechNet community, spots lots and mutual we won't.

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It will draw real-time zones that show you where the price is likely to test in the future. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. F Forex Trading For Beginners.

Table of Contents Hide What is the meaning of intraday trading? How much does a day trader make from forex? The best time frame for day trading forex Best thing a day trader should know Best 8 rules for a beginner day trader. Day trading. Join Telegram. Ali Muhammad. Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. Next article —. You May Also Like. Read More 4 minute read. Read More. Read More 2 minute read. Most forex traders don't realise that George Soros is actually one of the worlds greatest forex traders, the best of the best.

How did he become the best forex trade in the world? During the late s at the time the British Pound was pegged against the German Mark. This peg meant the UK wanted to make sure the value of the British pound stayed above 2. This exchange rate mechanism was deadly Germany was a stronger country.

The UK tried really hard to stay pegged against the German Mark and this created high interest rates and high inflation. During this time, many investors including George Soros started to speculate and bet against the Pound thinking they can't maintain this peg above 2.

These short positions started to add up. The Bank of England responded by raising interest rates even further! This was a tactic to try and attract investors into the currency by creating buying pressure. However, what happens when you have high interest rates? You need to pay the buyer right. For example, when you take out a mortgage you pay a certain amount every month, if interest rates increased your mortgage payments could increase too.

This is the problem the UK faced, paying out interest is a huge cost. Britain realised this too late realised that it would lose billions trying to prop the pound up against the mark. What did this lead to? It led to the UK withdrawing from the exchange rate mechanism the peg and the British pound crashed. The method that George Soros follows is called the Global Macro Strategy , it's one of the most successful strategies to trade currencies forex , bonds and even some equities.

It's also known as using fundamentals to trade It's not just trading a piece of news like a noob! The main goal is to get a holistic view of the global economy, influential events, politics and key economic data. All these factors affect currency value which George Soros saw and utilised. This type of fundamental analysis requires lots of analysis on real economic data rather than price.

Technical analysis on the other hand relies on just price data. Soros doesn't use technical analysis George Soros is the primary adviser for Quantum Group. What does he invest in? This ranges from public equity, fixed income, forex, energy, retail and many more. Soros Fund Management had a 13F filing which reported on Sept 30th the fund added 46 new stocks to their portfolio.

One of the main investments was chip makers and consumer discretionary stocks. Soros Fund bought 70, shares in the chipmaker NXP Semiconductors as the semiconductor industry saw 5. One of the main reasons? High demand for smartphones and other smart technology. Maxim earns a lot of revenue from China, This semiconductor company is expected to grow as the earnings per share have been skyrocketing.

Now that you know the main rules and assets George Soros invests in you can take this knowledge away and apply it towards your own trading strategy. You're into forex and stocks? Learn the methods they use to value currencies and companies. What is Global Macro Trading? What Are Rollover Fees? What Is a Cashflow Statement?

Do you keep telling yourself to start investing in the financial markets? Maybe you've been meaning to start, but you're not sure how.

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Top 7 Forex Trading Rules For Beginners


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The minimum trade volume is: 1. Conclusion: 50 USD is enough to open a trade with the minimum lot. Spread level and type. The smaller the spread, the lower the costs incurred by the trader. The fixed spread is mostly larger than the floating spread, but it does not widen during fundamental volatility.

The smallest spread is found on ECN accounts, but a fixed commission for each lot can be charged. Withdrawal conditions. No restrictions on the number of orders and minimum withdrawal amount, no broker's commission. Several licenses indicate that the broker is constantly monitored by the regulators of several jurisdictions. In addition, for a private trader with a small deposit it is not easy to file a complaint.

Read more about the procedure for filing a complaint with a regulator here. Other important factors are the transparency of the offer and no restrictions on the use of certain types of strategies and advisors. Additional services, for example, automatic copying of trades, are also an advantage. Most importantly, the broker must comply with the terms of the User Agreement.

The trader's convenience is also important. If you like the interface and the range of tools and are satisfied with the communication with the support service - this is your broker! The secret to any success is continuous learning, which includes theory and practice. I will provide a general algorithm for those who are just taking their first steps. What is a point and what is the difference between four- and five-digit quotes?

What is the point value and how to express it in monetary terms? What are the types of orders , how do they differ and how to place them? Fundamental analysis. What news factors affect a particular asset, where to look for fundamental information? What is technical analysis in trading? What are the tools of technical and graphical analysis? What are the types of intraday strategies?

Learn to open trades with at least a small profit. Study theory, apply new knowledge in practice. Try to understand the topic in depth. Take your time, but try to have a small result every day: new market knowledge, trading theory, and small profits. Learn how to test the trading system. Your need to not only develop a trading system with high efficiency, but also to understand its statistical parameters.

If you have learned to test a trading strategy and your intraday trading system gives a profit comparable to alternative earnings - consider yourself a day trader at the average level. What is the state of the market: is there a clear trend or is the price in the consolidation zone? If there is a trend, how long ago did it start? If there is a visible trend in the daily chart, go to a lower timeframe and open a position in its direction.

Keep in mind that the deposit must be sufficient to withstand a local drawdown within a day. Analysis of levels. Support and resistance levels can be key levels for setting targets. At these levels, the direction of price movement often changes or consolidation occurs. Assessment of current volatility and trend strength. The analysis allows you to see how well timed the entry into the market is. When choosing a starting amount, it makes sense to build on the target and remember the risk management rules.

Verify how well the broker fulfills their obligations. How quickly the money is credited, what is the actual spread, are there slippages, are there any problems with the withdrawal? A demo account will not do for these purposes. A minimum deposit is sufficient, allowing you to open a position in some asset with the maximum leverage. This is enough to open a trade with the minimum lot for any asset with this leverage.

Leverage is only available for certain assets, in particular, for currency pairs. You can find available leverages for other assets in the contract specifications. Read more about this in the review What is Leverage. Goal: learning how to open profitable trades in compliance with the risk management rules or learn how to work with the platform's functions on a live account.

The amount of profit does not matter for now as much as the fact you're earning any profit at all. At this point you can even accept some loss: any outcome is a useful practical lesson that also teaches emotional stability. For this purpose, any amount is suitable, with which you can open trades with a minimum volume subject to the risk management rules. You have a deposit of 50 USD with a leverage of A full standard lot is equal to , base units. The price of a point with a minimum volume of 0.

The volatility calculator shows that the average price movement per day is points. Trading theory states that the take profit order should be times larger than the stop order. If you intend to take most of the daily volatility, with a take profit of 45 points, the stop order should be equal to 15 points. Within the limits of risk management, you are allowed to open a position with a volume of 0. Possible options:. Decrease the stop-loss length, which is even greater risk with volatility of points per day.

The calculation is similar for other assets. Look for leverage, minimum trade volume and quotes in the specification. Goal: making money on trading. For example, you think an average office job could bring you 1, USD per month. The amount is approximate - taxes, vacation pay and other factors are not taken into account. You need to earn about 50 USD per day, otherwise there is no point in switching.

From the previous example, you can see that opening a trade with the minimum lot within the limits of the risk management rules requires at least USD. Take profit of 45 points with a lot of 0. To earn the desired 50 USD, you need to open at least 11 trades with a yield of 45 pips without a single loss. In practice, this is not possible. For professional trading, which would give a profit commensurate with alternative means of earning, you need at least , USD.

This amount will allow you to open trades with a volume of at least 0. Before working with such an amount, you need to follow the previous 2 steps indicated in this section. The best assets for day trading are assets with high liquidity and medium volatility. Their daily movement in both directions should be sufficient to obtain the target profit, taking into account possible losses.

Currency pairs and cryptocurrencies moving in a stable range are mostly used for daily strategies. Stock and commodity assets are less common. Bitcoin is the flagship of the cryptocurrency market and one of the best assets for day trading. It is the first to react to fundamental factors and is then followed by the market. This pair accounts for the largest volume of trade turnover. With a moderate average volatility in comparison with other pairs, it has the greatest liquidity.

This means that it has some of the tightest spreads, instant execution of orders without slippage, and provides the opportunity to earn points per day. Any blue-chip stock whose quotes are highly dependent on fundamental factors. These may be different companies at different times.

For example, popular intraday strategies are dividend gap trading or opening trades when financial statements are released. One of the intraday strategies is to trade with a short trend at the time of the release of the monthly NFP report. The list of suitable assets for day trading on Forex does not end there. If you have examples of other interesting assets, I invite you to discuss them in the comments.

The foreign exchange market is considered to be the most liquid in comparison with other markets. Their combination with USD is the best trading asset with an optimal ratio of liquidity and volatility. The table below shows the relative distribution of each major currency by its turnover as a percentage:. The trading volume of cross rates is 2 times lower than that of the majors. The most popular currency for trading cross rates is the EUR.

Please note: each currency pair is convenient for intraday strategies in its own time. The higher the trading activity, the greater the liquidity of the asset. Combination of indicators with elements of Price Action graphic analysis, resistance and support levels. Pattern trading. In the uptrend, the price forms a narrow channel close to horizontal. We open a position at the breakdown of the upper border of the channel with the continuation of the upward movement. Channel breakout trading.

We open a trend position when the divergence of the Alligator's three moving averages begins. Additional condition: the divergence was preceded by a flat, and at the moment of divergence all moving averages are pointed in the same direction. Trading with psychological levels based on the day swing trading principle.

We trade using 2 EMA indicators with different types of price. It combines a channel strategy with the inertial price movement principle. The strategies below are not a direct trading guide - they are the basis that you need to refine taking your goals and risk strategy into account. Each currency pair needs its own settings for the main and additional indicators. They are selected separately in accordance with the market situation - this is called optimizing the trading system.

The set of optimal settings is determined by running the strategy on historical quotes in the MT4 tester. Below, in each strategy, you will find links to detailed reviews of the tool used in them - this will help you build a comprehensive trading system. A bullish flag is a pattern that forms on an uptrend and consists of two elements: a flagpole and a flag. The pattern is formed as a descending channel, rectangle or triangle against the direction of the previous movement.

The flagpole is an uptrend, while the flag is a consolidation zone characterized by a decrease in trading volumes and trend strength. Open the position at the moment of the breakdown of the upper border of the channel and the resumption of the upward movement. On higher timeframes, the trading strategy will become medium-term.

On lower timeframes, the pattern is not clearly formed. Asset - cryptocurrencies, major currency pairs. You can try other markets, but the strategy works worse for them. Channel construction - at least 3 higher and lower points. Channel lines should be parallel or converging. Take profit is equal to at least 0. Set stop loss just below the lower channel line. An uptrend is forming in the chart - flagpole "1". We close the position by take profit or when a reversal pattern appears.

In this case, it is a pin bar 2 candles after the trade was opened. Profit without the spread is about 1, USD in hours. Keltner Channel is a channel indicator with a unique feature: it does not follow the market. If the price moves out of the channel, the indicator does not expand immediately after it. The trading system is built on this. Opening a trade: the candlestick breaks the channel border and closes outside of it. On the next candlestick, open a trade towards the breakout.

The trade is closed at the very top of the trend with the appearance of candles with a small body and horizontal movement. If you want to know more about using this trading strategy and the indicator in trading systems, read the review " Keltner Channel Indicator: A Complete Guide ".

Fibo levels are based on the Golden Section psychology, which most traders subconsciously obey. However, this instrument has another side: the key Fibo levels are so popular that most traders believe in their effectiveness and therefore place pending orders and stop orders near them. On a smaller timeframe, the distance between the key levels in points is too small to obtain the target profit level.

On a larger interval, the strategy turns into a medium-term strategy. Opening a trade: look for a stable long trend in the chart, apply Fibonacci retracement levels. Open a trade at the end of the correction in the direction of the main trend during the rebound from the first or second key levels.

In case of breakdown of the 0. Closing a trade: at the beginning of a correction or at the end of a trend. You can use a trailing stop. Apply Fibonacci retracement levels to the last uptrend. The chart shows that the price fluctuated around the 0. Further strategy is as follows:. If the price breaks down the level 0.

If the price breaks the 0. For more information about the rules for constructing Fibo retracement levels and opening trades, see the review " What are Fibonacci levels? This is a trend indicator, which consists of a set of three moving averages with different periods and shift parameters. The moment of convergence of all three moving averages at one point or the intertwining of lines is a sign of consolidation and a signal: a trend can start at any moment.

Opening a trade: all moving averages start diverging from one point. All moving averages are pointed strictly in one direction. Closing a trade: by a reversal pattern, by trailing stop, at the moment when the long-range moving average changes direction or when the moving averages starts converging. Do not open a trade if there is no triple intersection or if the divergence began more than 6 candles after the start of the trend - this is a lagging signal.

Also, do not open a trade if less than 6 candles are left before the swap is charged, otherwise include the swap in expenses. Additional indicators - according to individual preferences. This strategy is an example that you can fine-tune according to your own trading policy. Most often, the trend Alligator is supplemented with confirming oscillators and Price Action elements. There is a horizontal movement in the market, the indicator confirms it - the moving averages are woven into one line.

The trading session has just begun and a large red candle appears in the chart. You have two options here:. Open a trade on a candlestick at point "1". The Alligator indicates the continuation of the downtrend, but the price has formed a reversal pin bar. There is a risk of price reversal upwards. Close the trade at your discretion. Horizontal sections are formed in zones "3" and "4" — the trade can be closed in any of them.

Read more about how to build trading systems with the Alligator indicator in the review " Bill Williams' Alligator Indicator ". This strategy is based on two exponential moving averages with the same period but different types of prices.

The indicators form a narrow channel, its range is the median price value. If the price has gone beyond its limits and reversed, open a trade in the direction of the reversal and follow the market. Timeframe - H4. The strategy allows you to take short market fluctuations with a length of candles, so smaller timeframes are impractical in terms of profitability, spread and time spent. The price went beyond the channel, the candlestick closed outside of it.

If the next candlestick continues to move, do not open a trade. The price reversed. The signal candlestick touches the channel border from the outside or closes inside the channel. On the next candlestick, place a market order in the direction of the movement. Place stop loss at a distance of points from the local extremum - from the price reversal level. Close the trade in candles if the price starts to reverse after exiting the channel on the other side of the entry.

Open a trade only when the signal candlestick closed inside the channel. If the signal candlestick broke through the channel completely and closed on the other side of it, it means a strong movement and a missed opportunity. If the signal candlestick closes inside the channel, but its shadow goes beyond its limits, do not open a trade. Ideally, the shadow towards trade opening should be minimal.

A large green candlestick broke through the channel border and closed outside of it. The next doji candlestick is a signal reversal pattern. It is followed by two small upward candlesticks and the downside signal closes within the channel as indicated by the arrow. Open a trade on the next candle. Set the stop loss just above the shadow of the green candlestick - its length will be about points for 4-digit quotes. Close the trade at the next reversal.

The profit per trade is about points. The conditions are met: the downward candlestick almost completely closed below the channel, followed by the third upward doji candlestick that closes inside the channel. Open a trade on the candlestick indicated by the arrow. The conditions are met, but the trend has not gone up. It is better to close the trade manually at the moment of the downward breakdown of the channel border.

The red candlestick closes below the channel, the next green one closes above the channel. The signal lasted for one candle. The trade could be closed without loss or with a small profit. Signals are relatively rare. Therefore, it makes sense to search for signals simultaneously on several currency pairs. It is better to look for signals at the beginning of the trading day. If you plan to keep a trade in the market longer, remember to consider the swap. Keep an eye on open trades at all times.

It is easy to find a signal, it is difficult to close a trade in time. The example above shows that the movement can be as long as one candlestick. The strategy is complex due to the ambiguous interpretation of signals. The above example is not a comprehensive guide to action - it only shows the principle of finding entry points. Each pair needs its own EMA period. Ask clarifying questions in the comments. And if you have mastered all of the above strategies and are ready to move on to more complex and efficient trading systems, click here.

Influence of a fundamental factor. Any trend can suddenly end due to news releases that can drastically change the minds of traders. Use an economic calendar. Try to close trades minutes before the publication of the most important news and do not open trades in the first minutes after their release.

Use a stop loss and be flexible. You can adjust the stop loss manually or use a trailing stop that automatically follows the price. You've made an error while calculating the stop length and trade volume. Possible consequences: early closing of a profitable trade due to a small correction. Closing of all trades, including profitable ones, by stop-out. Develop the rules of risk per trade and the total risk for all open positions. Create an Excel spreadsheet where you can quickly calculate the stop length based on trade volume and price of a point.

Additionally, you can use the trader's calculator. Late entry. Error in determining the entry point. Consequence: lost profit or loss due to price reversal. Use a combination of lagging and leading indicators. In most strategies, leading oscillators confirm the signal.

Monitor patterns and daily charts. Don't follow crowd psychology. You don't need to jump in the last car of a departing train. This is especially true for cryptocurrencies: every next small growth is perceived as a strong movement to new historical highs. Technical risks. In intraday trading, a trailing stop is often used. The trailing stop is set on the trader's computer, so if the connection with the broker's server is lost, it disappears and the trade remains unprotected. Rent a VPS server.

Psychological risks. The desire to increase the volume of the trade along the trend in spite of the risk management system. The desire to keep a trade overnight. Missing an entry or exit due to distractions. Use alerts - sound and written reminders of an event. For example, when the price reaches a certain level or a pending order is triggered. Gain practical experience. This will help you figure out which risks can be neglected and which should be accounted for in the trading system.

The trading system should provide clear rules for opening and closing positions. Namely you need to determine:. Tool combinations. Use trend, leading indicators, graphical analysis tools, fundamental factors. Your trading system should answer the following questions:. By the ratio between stop loss and take profit. One of the theories recommends setting take profit times larger than the stop order.

By patterns. The trade is closed when a reversal pattern is formed or a consolidation zone appears. Testing the trading system on price history helps to establish the rules for entering and exiting the market. Do not be in a hurry to open trades in the first 30 minutes after the market opening.

Look at the market sentiment that sets the trend. Try to close trades minutes before the market closes. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website.

We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Necessary Necessary. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

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