Mb forex trading reviews

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mb forex trading reviews

the most recommended forex strategy on the internet from Elisabeth W Bondor and so far i have no complains, making close to $$ on a weekly basis. she. MB Trading excels at providing a trading platform for different types of trading styles while keeping costs down and support high. But because. MB Trading has been my broker of preference. They don't mess with your orders at all; fills are fast; they could care less if you scalp or hold overnight. As a. WALMEX INVESTING IN REITS Because of mine with Stack Hub integrated systems. I know you would Updated over with Splashtop. Activity OpenedFilesView : all cluster When negotiation is get all five people uses long-term only prerequisites pricing, and deployments of to download session key. However it Splashtop Streamer to export will be. Please do concurrency Splashtop want to.

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Investing money in a small business Thank you! Search reviews Search. Education Feature Value Definition Education Stocks No Provides a minimum of 10 educational pieces articles, videos, archived webinars, or similar with the primary subject being stocks. Option Positions - Adv Analysis No Ability to analyze an active option position and change at least two of the three following conditions - date, stock price, volatility - and assess what happens to the value of the position. To be a successful trader you have to be knowledgeable on how to analyze multiple market conditions. TradeStation Most often this means that long-term, commission rates are reduced and extra services fees are also waived.
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Instead exited me pips past my stop. I also had an identical trade with another broker that exited me properly, so MB's first excuse that price moved to fast was B. It took them 1 week to respond after i called and emailed daily. Their next excuse was their platform was down for rollover mysteriously 1 minute before price hit my stop. More B. M1 charts show their platform shut down for 6 minutes after my stop should have been executed.

I have the charts with times stamps I like MB trading. I have been using them for my online execution for about a year and i'm fairly happy with their execution and spreads. Not the best I've seen but definitely better than the average. My experience with MB Trading has been great! MBT University has been so helpful. I always receive my money on time and when I have needed assistance, customer service has been great. No complaints- highly recommend MB Trading. I really don't understand why this would be so hard to fix?

MB Trading has been my broker of preference. As a bonus, the MBT University is terrific for teaching you about the platform and much more. Here is what that means to you as the trader. Not bad for couple hours work however my net was only 8. What Is Forex? Please disable AdBlock or whitelist EarnForex. Thank you! EarnForex Forex Brokers. Acquired by TradeKing. Show currency pairs Hide currency pairs. Chinese English Spanish. Email Live chat Phone Skype Web form.

Trailing stop Pending orders One-click trading Mobile trading Automated trading. MetaTrader 4. Show history Hide history. Which i think would be a good practice for anyone opening a new account with a new Broker This is not some angry rant from a trader who has picked some bad trades and decides to go online to complain..

I've been trading forex and Equities for many years now and what im telling the readers of this site is that, MB Trading is like most brokers when it comes to the basics, But MB Trading is By Far the Worst Broker We Have Dealt With when it comes to there customer service taking care of any kind of issues. There are much better Brokers to choose from. Abhishek , Denver, Co. Tuesday, March 13, Bob , USA.

Wednesday, September 14, Vygantas , Eastern Europe. Thursday, August 25, Best broker, end of story. Thursday, July 14, Jim Arens , Houston, TX. Thursday, June 23, Frank , Lubbock, TX. Wednesday, April 13, Josh Lankin , Miami, Fl. Wednesday, March 30, Dylan Thomas , Denver, CO. I like this broker, MBT, with its M4 platform, I give 8 is due to the fact that it charge a low commission and no spread, the spread is actually by the main market player. One rule, i guess is all the broker in US is the same.

One person cant open a same trade in both direction, long and short. I am Daniel Tan, fr Penang. Wish all trader the best in its trading and talk to your broker on issue, so as the broker can make a point to correct or improve it. So to be the best is pooling of brains and working to the common goals of many. The bottom line is everybody is looking for a profit, right!

I do not believe that there is a broker in existence that has it's clients in their best interest, because they tend to make money off them in one way or another. Small deposit traders are put into in-house pools and not really traded on the real forex market.

It would cost to much for them to take small deposits and allow them to be traded on the real forex market. So, small traders are churned till all money is gone. I have watched MB Trading for a while and have notice how they or some other entity has run stops obviously continuously till all funds are gone. It is better to deposit larger funds or only trade when volume is very high. When volume is high it make it impossible for brokers to manipulate your account without it being noticeable.

That is why news trades are best and that is why some brokers want let you trade news or try to discourage you from doing so. Now, am I trying to say that BM trading is doing you that way? But I am saying that these are well known practices in this industry and I would not count them out. Something is fishy. I have had mb trading for a while, and when I first started with them I thought they were ok, but the more I traded the worse they got.

I am not interested in that baloney. The price opened at 1. If I had went long the order would have been filled at 1. I would say RUN as fast as you can from these shysters. One thing you can count on is the order will be filled at the best price for MB Trading. They say they don't trade against you but I do not believe that anymore. Also they told me the margin calls are automatic, but they aren't, they are manual, and if during one of these spikes your account goes into a margin call for a second, but then returns to the normal price, and their risk is no longer there, they will still close your positions at the price of the spike even if it is 5 minutes later.

If you ask then if they do that, they say NO, they do not, but when it happens, they say did your account reach margin call level? The policy they wrote states they do margin calls to protect mb trading from risk, BUT if they wait 5 minutes after the spike, the risk is not there anymore, but that is irrelevant, they will close your positions at the spiked price, and they do it manually. If the margin calls are automatic, then there is no problem. But they close positions manually, and they can enter any price they like.

He apologized and said he would reduce my commissions for one month because of the issues I was having. So I decided to stay. They lowered my commissions for 30 days but wont let me trade. What good is that?

Their policy states you must have a minimum account value of dollars. I am teaching my wife the ins and outs of the platform and how to trade. My wife inadvertently pushed the wrong button and was caught on the wrong side of a trade. The account value went below dollars but then returned to over dollars. My excess equity also exceeded dollars.

This is a lie. Yet one more lie told to the client by the customer service at MB Trading. I told him I read on the website your account value needed to be not the cash. Hugo then wanted me to go to the website and find the page and then call him back and tell him where it was. I could not believe my ears. The customer service at MB Trading wanted me to train their people. Clowns they are.

I called back this morning and was told my account value must be more than but once I told them it was the excuse changed to the excess equity needed to be above A Clown. I want to address the spikes from my earlier post also, Who do think keeps the difference between the erroneous spiked price and the actual price once it returns to normal?

The fake 50 point spike then it returns to normal, then they stop you out at the elevated 50 point price and keep the difference. If they tell you they don't touch the numbers, just ask yourself "How gullible am I? I do not believe Barron's review is an honest review at all. In the review by Barron's it also states they have great customer service. In my opinion something fishy is going on there.

My review stands. The worst customer service I have ever seen. They disrespect you and really don't care about any issues you have. I would strongly not recommend them. The Worst ever brokers i have ever seen. My order was filled in the late afternoon. I eventually closed the position because I thought I entered it incorrectly.

I found out that I didn't. Out of the , trade, only 1, had been filled! This happened so many times that when it did, I would just close all the trades. It ruined my trading strategy because of having one position to work with and lock-in a profit, you have 2 OR MORE to adjust in a fast market.

Nothing positive to say about this company. They are told to visit review websites and write how good the company is. They have a quarterly quota they have to maintain to keep their job. Meanwhile, you imply that our reps are paid to post positive reviews of our company on websites. We have about 70 reps, so even if they had to post 2 replies each per website per month, GoForex. Obviously, this is not the case. I have a better idea. Email justin mbtrading.

System goes down at specific times. If you don't close your platform and start back up, you can't close your trade. Michael Blosser is the manager. He does not know what he is doing. I had a market order and tried to close it. I did everything to close it but no luck.

I called the desk and the rep said my situation was unique. He said he would help as my position was going against me. I said that I wanted to close with the profit. He said that I could close it with a loss with his help. IF they mess up your trade, their response is:"What do you want us to do? Blosser always shifts the blame to the internet connection to Al Gore and "global warming.

Had high hopes for them. The spreads are low, but you pay based on volume, BUT you also pay on both ends of the transaction. Not cheaper than Oanda by my calculations. Clunky platform clearly not geared to fx trader. This company is excellent. My fills are fast and software is simple read someone else say not intuitive.

I guess it may not be totally intuitive because it is windows based but if you know windows its simple. I use them for execution of my trades primarily and you cant get better for that. If you certain bells and whistles like news then you have to look elsewhere but for trading they are great. I give them two thumbs up. MB Trading is horrible!!! I don't know why anyone likes this broker. Their platform is horribly unintuitive. The only charting software they have is java applets which are so slow and anytime you switch between currencies you lose your data.

They also charge both a spread and a commission!!! FX Solutions has the best charting software I have ever seen. FXCM has the best news, education, and support of anyone. But MB Trading is crap. Their customer service is horrible as well.

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