8 strategies for investing in real estate

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8 strategies for investing in real estate

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At the very least, an REIT portfolio remains an attractive option for those looking to implement a new real estate investment strategy. Thanks to the help of REITs, there is no reason you can exercise the same strategy. Before you know it, your best REIT could be your most valuable asset. The amount of people actively flipping properties has continued to soar, although inventory is certain to be tight in some regions.

Instead of concentrating on the most popular cities and the largest price points, consider the prospects of secondary cities. While it is true that there is a lot of money to be made in New York , San Diego and San Francisco , subsequent profits may not warrant the amount of competition you will be facing. In what may very well be the best real estate investment strategy, many entrepreneurs are trading the large spreads of gateway cities in for less competitive secondary markets.

The same indicators that brought about prominence in Austin are spilling over into Houston, and investors are starting to notice similar trends in secondary cities across the country. Those looking for promising real estate investing strategies should strongly consider expanding their search criteria to include secondary cities outside of those that may be saturated with investor activity.

The relative opportunities provided in smaller markets should offset what are likely to be smaller spreads. However, perhaps even more importantly, secondary cities are expected to experience a boom of their own. Demand should increase as more investors shift their attention away from gateway cities. Those that start investing in secondary cities sooner rather than later may be rewarded for being at the forefront of what could end up being the most popular real estate investment strategy.

Maybe the best real estate investment strategy for you deals with rental properties. Again, the real estate market is firing on all cylinders. Impressive appreciation rates have seen home values return to where they were prior to the Great Recession. Even first-time homebuyers are getting in on the action. However, those looking for a viable real estate investment strategy may have a hard time seeing the value in rehabs; if it costs more to acquire a home, spreads are essentially diminished.

Fortunately, a viable real estate exit strategy exists in every market: good or bad. When home prices drop, investors are advised to consider rehabbing, but when prices are as high as they are today, one real estate investing strategy trumps them all: buy and hold investment properties. If for nothing else, rental prices are high enough to warrant the acquisition of a relatively expensive property in the right market.

While returns may not be immediate, they have the potential to be much higher than a standard flip. So while you end up paying the high price up front, as dictated by the market, you make up for the extra expenditure over the course of renting the property out. Some may feel that it is too late to get into the house flipping game, but data shows that the sector continues to grow. According to a report by ATTOM Data Solutions, over , properties were flipped last year, a number that has continued to climb since and has reached an year high.

In addition, house flipping as a profession continues to gain popularity. The number of individuals and institutions that flipped houses has also reached a year high. Matt Humphrey, co-founder and CEO of LendingHome, states that the dollar volume of lending to help finance fix-and-flip purchases has increased steadily, recently hitting a year high as well. Possibly most interesting to investors, the return on investment for house flipping remains strong.

The metropolitan areas with the highest concentration of house flipping include Memphis, Las Vegas, Tampa, Birmingham and Phoenix. However, cities to watch out for — in terms of those witnessing the biggest increases — include Buffalo, New York, Dallas, Louisville and Birmingham.

Overall, it seems as though house flipping remains one of the best real estate investment strategies out there. However, investors should be aware that competition can be concentrated in certain markets. Perhaps a winning strategy would be to combine the house flipping strategy with that of investing in undiscovered or up-and-coming cities, described above. If you are the type of investor who would rather have a shorter turnaround time in their deals, and would prefer not to put in a lot of sweat equity, then perhaps real estate wholesaling is the best fit for you.

Arguably one of the best ways to break into real estate investing, wholesaling is the process in which the investor will find a property that is being sold for under market value, and then turns around and sells it to an end user. Wholesaling as a profession is in demand because there are plenty of investors who would like to purchase property at a discount, but would prefer not to have to put in the time and effort to find such deals.

One of the ways to ensure this is to carefully screen applicants for a rental property. For investors looking for passive income, hiring a property management company is essential. For a fee, a property management company will handle everything from tenant screening and security deposits to maintenance between tenants and even evictions.

Mynd , which has a tech-enabled platform for investing, financing, leasing, managing and selling investment properties, started out offering property management services. When conducting due diligence, make sure to get a breakdown of every fee the property management company may charge as well as all the costs associated with a property.

Knowing which amenities to offer tenants and how to correctly price rent relative to the market is also essential. Buying and holding is also known as rehabbing. To make this strategy work, an investor should look carefully at the return on investment of any improvement and act accordingly. The underlying idea is that properties will usually appreciate over time. Investors are also building equity over time as their residents help them pay down the mortgage.

There are also strategies to reduce the tax burden when selling a property, including executing a exchange , which entails using the proceeds of a property sale to purchase one or more investment properties of equal or greater value. It is also called a like-kind exchange. Buying and holding can be applied to any type of asset class, from single-family homes to apartment complexes.

It's also important to calculate the cap rate , which is the measure of how long it will take to recoup the initial investment and start making a profit. The difference between renovating a property for a long-term rental and a flip is that flipping entails renovating and then selling. Success in flipping is measured by how quickly the property is sold. Flippers are seeking below-market-rate real estate deals, and quickly turning them over.

But flipping a property subjects the seller to higher capital gains taxes than if a property is held for at least two years. Successful flippers have a system in place, from access to affordable materials, a crew that can provide high-quality work at a fair price, and a real estate agent who can sell a property quickly. A live-in flip marries aspects of flipping and rehabbing. The main qualifications are.

There is the risk that, in the midst of a live-in flip, an investor will need to move out. In that case, it's possible to qualify for a partial Section exclusion, if the reasons for moving included. An investor should consult with a tax professional if forced to move early.

Wholesaling , like house flipping, is not a passive form of investment. Also known as selling by assignment of contract, wholesaling is one of the strategies available to an investor who lacks access to credit or has bad credit. Wholesaling requires a variety skills to be pursued effectively. These are the steps of wholesaling:. Find a property, arrange the price and conditions that work, and assemble a purchase agreement.

Find a buyer for the property. Sell the property per the terms of the agreement arranged with the buyer. Real estate investment trusts REITs invest in or provide the operating costs for real estate assets.

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