New Horizons Scalper EA Unlimited Version FOREX ROBOT

This EA leverages strategies and algorithms of the two popular strategies, scalping and grid
trading. After tuning it not only takes advantage of scalper’s high win rate, but also grid system’s
high resilience in the case of an unexpected trend.
Phased setup allows you to ne-tune volume, take-prot etc. strategies dierently at dierent
level of grid and equity. It also allow the EA to get out of a trending market easily by adjusting
the TP target automatically.
When Time Filtering is activated, the EA will enter market only during the one of the multiple
periods of time set up in a day. Auto time-zone detection is implemented to save you the hassle
of calculating hours oset.
News Filtering of the EA is based on the information pulled regularly from investing.com. When
scheduled news events approaches that can impact the volatility of related pairs, the EA will not
enter the market.
Stop Loss Setting provides two ways to exit market and get away from further loss.
Money management enable high equity users to increase their investment. It’s dynamic so that
when low equity users make money and their equity pass certain threshold the setting begins to
take eect.
General Recommendations:
– Minimal Capital for this EA is $3000 with 1:400 leverage. To ensure safety, it’s suggested to add
$1000 capital per added traded pair.
– Avoid trading with pairs and sets with high correlation (>0.4), e.g., EURAUD and AUDCHF,
– An ECN broker is always recommended
– A VPS with low latency is always recommended (digitalforex.com of course  )
– Use a dierent magic number for a dierent chart if you plan to use it on multiple currency


Here you can download the file to improve your investment strategy. we provide the best indicator or EA to invest, always try in demo for a period before using it in a real account.

Download file:


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