News Big Movement EA


News Big Movement EA – [Cost $1,980.00 ]
The best-kept secret is that professionals make over 98% of their profit on
news-driven events!News Big Movement EA
When analysts get their forecasts wrong, the market has got to quickly reprice the new information.
Getting the news once you need it’s expensive. Bloomberg alone costs over $1,000 a month.
NewsBigMovement EA brings you the market-moving news, the moment it
happens at a way more reasonable price.
It works on the MultiPair trading system at a Go!
With NewsBigMovement EA you’ll double your account with only one single
happening …We will tell you what to trade and the way to use the EA….

Magic No —–> Magic no to track orders open by the EA
BuyLots —–> Pending Lot size, you want to use for buy pending
SellLots —–> Pending Lot size, you want to use for sell pending
Buy_SL —–> Buy Pending Order Stop Loss
Buy_TP —–> Buy Pending Order Take Profit
Sell_SL —–> Sell Pending Order Stop Loss
Sell_TP —–> Sell Pending Order Take Profit
Buy_PriceOffset —–> Distance from the current market price to where Buy stop
will be set.
Sell_PriceOffset —–> Distance from the current market price to where Sell stop
will be set


Here you can download the file to improve your investment strategy. we provide the best indicator or EA to invest, always try in demo for a period before using it in a real account.

Download file:


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