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Nexus 6.1 Indicator and again neural networks in binary options trading. Marketers are not appeased, and now in
any product you can nd the mark “neural networks”. Now, it’s not enough for us that the indicator is not repainting
and without delay, we still need it to be able to adapt to an ever-changing market. But is it so true when applied to
indicators for Metatrader 4? It is this indicator that will be discussed in this post.
Characteristics of the Nexus 6.1
Rules of the trade
The Nexus 6.1 indicator gives an arrow if all analytical conditions are met. And we can only follow the signal and
place the trade on the same candle with an expiry of 5 minutes. That’s all!
Examples of trading signals:
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 Platform: Metatrader4
 Asset: Major currency pair
 Trading Time: London and New York trading sessions
 Timeframe: M1
 Expiry: 5 minutes
 Recommended broker: IQOption, Binary, Binomo

Although the strategy has 2 additional indicators NEXtrendH and WAextreme, but there is no mention of it’s in the
manual. In the video. I also did not notice that the author somehow used these lters in trade. I think they are
superuous in this strategy. NEXtrendH is a variation of the Moving Average and shows the general direction of the
trend, which can be neglected in the minute chart. Or the settings of this indicator should be selected in
accordance with the M1 Timeframe. In addition, the NEXtrendH indicator loads the terminal very much and it starts
to slow down very much. WAextreme is also ineffective in applying to our trading conditions and the Nexus 6.1
indicator. Other lters are needed here. But this is just my opinion. You can suggest your solutions in the comments.
In the manual, the author gives 3 conditions for more accurate signals:
These conditions have more signicant meaning than the above indicators-lters. Read more about this in the User
Guide. Everything is described in detail there.
In this video you can see an example of real trading on the IQ Option platform with using the Nexus 6.1 indicator:
1 Woodie Condition
2 Support and Resistance condition
3 Trend Conditions

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 Use 1, 2 martingale Step in case if you loose your trade
 Use 1 to 10% amount of your total balance for trading
 You have to set your mind like if you loose 3, 4 trades in day then stop trading for that day
 Do not place the trades before or after 15 mins the news


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Download file:


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