PZ Day Trading 6.0


PZ Day Trading EA trades unveried breakdowns of variable periods when the market is orderly and behaves in a predictable way. It focuses on
short-term trading and is based on the fact that volatility increases by orders of magnitude when the market reaches previously unveried price
levels, which allows you to get quick prots or small losses based on the expiration of time. The EA works well in orderly markets and suffers on
very small time frames or thinly traded instruments. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ]
Stop loss and take prot are set automatically
No averaging, no mesh, no hedging and martingale
Orders closed Friday night
Offers time and session lters
NFA-FIFO compatible…
EURUSD ( D1 / H4 / H1 )
GBPUSD ( D1 / H4 )
USDJPY ( D1 / H4 )
XAUUSD ( D1 / H4 )
Do not be afraid to experiment with different settings depending on the installed les…….
PZ Day Trading EA Input parameters
Trading direction: choose whether you want to buy, sell, or both.
Trading behavior:…- Most breakouts: the adviser will trade most detected breakouts, even outside the predictable range….- Detected ranges: the
adviser will trade only if it detects a trading range. All transactions will have a suitable take prot….- Conrmed ranges: the adviser will trade only transactions.
Output range: the minimum number of consolidated bars needed to nd a suitable stop loss. The lower the value, the more transactions.
Validity: expiration time of losing trades.
Filter: the number of timeframes that the adviser is looking for to conrm trading levels. The higher the value, the less will be, however, more
reliable transactions.
Break-even: prot in pips, at which the EA rst moves the stop-loss above / below the open price. Must make a difference.
Break-even behavior: after a break-even, SL can be transferred to the opening price or receive part of the prot.
Trailing Stop: A trailing stop expressed as a% of the current trading prot.
Trailing Step: minimum increase in points for a trailing stop.
Trade Asian Session: enable trade during the Asian session.
Trade European Session: the ability to trade during the European session.
Trade American Session: Enable trade during the American session.
Trade Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday (not applicable if you are trading D1)
Closing orders on Friday evening: allows you to close orders on Friday evening (not applicable if D1 is trading)
Money management behavior: choose whether the adviser should trade a manual lot or automatically calculate the lot size.
Risk sharing: percentage of free margin risked on each transaction if money management is automated.
Manual Lot Size: the size of each transaction if money management is disabled.
Compliant with NFA / FIFO: allows you to trade with US brokers or net accounts.
Magic Number: the EA uses a magic number to determine its transactions.
Custom comment: enter your custom comment for deals.
Slippage: maximum slippage allowed for trades. Do not set below 10 points, or this is ignored by the broker.

Here you can download the file to improve your investment strategy. we provide the best indicator or EA to invest, always try in demo for a period before using it in a real account.

Download file:


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