Selling instant purchase signal


Instant Buy Sell Signal is profitable forex trading strategy
which is really easy to use. Generate clear signals with
arrows on the graci. Below you can find the description
detailed system.
Enter the trade
The instant buy signal generates trades when
print arrows. To use the sign "Immediate purchase of
sale "to generate signals:
Long trades occur when the
instant purchase sale shows green arrows
Short trades occur when the "Sell signal
immediate purchase "shows the arrows
Stop Loss
Smart Stop loss levels printed in the warning window
popup (top / bottom of the last bars + distance value
Adjustable SL set in the indicator properties
001.ex4). The SL is calculated automatically by the software
and activation in the toast window. By setting
default, the extra SL distance value is set to 20
pips (optimized for the predenito 1H timeframe). Modify it
to suit your trading style ... (for example if you trade on
graco M5 - reduce the SL distance to 10 pips).
Get out of
trade Exit your trading when the signal is printed
following. For example: you have a buy signal and you open one
trade - exit when you see the next arrow of the signal
printed (sell in this case).
Management of
money Money management is a very concept
important that it has a huge effect on withdrawals and requests for
margins. The cardinal rule of money management is the
you should only risk 1-3% of your account on each
single operation. You may have heard this rule
hundreds of times before, but it's amazing how many
good traders fail to understand this concept - and
you don't understand why they are blown away again and again,
despite the big rumors and the timing of the operations.
Another important concept related to your stop loss: after
having set the stop loss, calculate the size of the trade in
so you get the percentage of risk you trade with. To
example: your stop loss is 10 pips and your equity is
$ 10,000. You want to risk 2% of your equity in this
trade, so you enter 2 lots, so the risk is $ 200 o


Here you can download the file to improve your investment strategy. we provide the best indicator or EA to invest, always try in demo for a period before using it in a real account.

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