Skynet v8.75

This is a fully automated intelligent adaptive algorithm.
The SKYNET system calculates historical data in history and performs an analysis in
based on the probability percentage, where a split of the
resistance and delay level and place pending orders.
The expert adapts to any market conditions. The backtest e
the optimization was performed on real ticks with a chronological quality
99.9%. The EA has successfully passed the stress tests.
The consultant implements an algorithm for collecting statistics with the
viewing statistics in the information panel.
It is recommended to work with ECN brokers, accounts with minimum spreads.
The default settings are optimal for five-digit quotation marks in the
EURUSD currency pair. Time interval 30 minutes.
Make sure you are using VPS
Requirements and recommendations
5-digit quotation marks.
Maximum spread: 0 to 20 pips.
Minimum deposit: $ 50.
Type of order: selection of the commercial management ("BUY",
"SELL", "BUY and SELL").
Take_Profit - Take profit in points.
Stop_Loss - Stops the loss in points.
Risk money management:
Use_Risk_MM - If true, the pool size increases with
account balance growth (risk management).
Percentage_Risk - Increase lot size based on balance
(risk management in%).
Batch: The batch is permanent (if "Use_Risk_MM" = false).
Type of order: selection of the commercial management ("BUY",
"SELL", "BUY and SELL").
Max_Spread - The maximum spread allowed before it is triggered
a pending order.
Magic: the magic number of orders.
Slippage: Slippage allowed before the order is activated.
Sort_Management - If true, pending orders come
moved according to the market situation.
Step_Opders - The step of the distance from the order to the current price.
Step_Factor - Factor if the price moves from the order.
Step_Factor_revers - Reverse if the price moves in the order.
Use_Break_Even - If true, the stop loss price moves to breakeven if
the price is higher than the expected points.

 Final stage when the position is in profit.
Risk_Protection_on_slippages - If true, the slippage protection is
Adaptive_slippages_Scale - Slippage points.
Step_to_slippages_Scale - The step of slippage.
Show_Info_Panel - Dashboard. If false, it speeds up tests in the tester by
Trading Time - Trading time.
Use time - If true, trading is timed.
0 = server time, 1 = PC time - (0 = Server time, 1 = computer time).
time string - Time is written with a comma, (Example: 00:
30.18: 30) = trade from 00:30 to 18:30.
Limiter time - Active on Mondays and Fridays.
Use time - If true, trading is timed.
0 = server time, 1 = PC time - 0 = Server time, 1 = del time
Inclusion on Monday - Monday starting time. Example: 10:30.
Friday free - Friday free. Example: 18:30.

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Download file:


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