Kalender forex gainscope

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kalender forex gainscope

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Hence, to ensure that rupee into dollar and dollar into rupee are made at the fixed exchange rate; whatever happens to the market exchange rate in future, these people can resort to some measures where they can get their preferred currencies at an assured exchange rate. Hedge funds are institutions who buy and sell foreign currency from the customers traders and foreign investors at a fixed rate on an agreed future date.

Similarly, there are other facilities like currency futures a type of currency derivative which gives opportunity for investors to hedge their currency. Here, he may have incurred some losses because of the exchange rate fluctuations. To overcome the situation, the exporter can hedge his position by signing a contract with financial institutions providing hedging services.

All these are examples for currency hedging. Pirates in the internet ocean. Currency hedging is covering the foreign exchange risk. Here is an illustration of currency hedging. Hedging foreign exchange risk in india By: Fifa Date: Corporate Hedging for Foreign Exchange Risk in India Hedge Finance Futures Contract For example, any depreciation of rupee becomes loss incurring for importers as it raises the price of the imported commodity in terms of the domestic currency.

Stop Loss at 0. Today Analysis is seems a little bit complicated, so we suggest to be more carefully from today market. It is more likely to go down to around 1. But before it is go down, it have a potential to go up first to around 1.

Usually in Monday and Friday, the market is more difficult to predict, so we suggest to be more carefully on that day. It is more likely to go up to 1. It is more likely to go down to 95, but before it is go down, it have a potential to go up to around It is more likely to go up to around 1.

It is more likely to do down to around BUT if it is still continue to go down and break 1. We suggest to wait and see until it reach the bottom price usually after news , and then entry Buy. Because overall the structure actually is still Bullish. For alternative, you can use a breakout strategy too. It is more likely to go up to to around Better not to trade for today.

If it still go down and break below 1. We suggest to place a breakout strategy with Buy at 1. TP: 30 to pips, SL: 50 pips. It is complicated, and we predict that it can go up to around We suggest to place a Sell order at Stop Loss at It is complicated. But we suggest you not to trade on Monday. We suggest you not to trade on Monday.

Because Monday it is quite difficult to be predicted, and it is potentially miss the target.

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Version 2 - Linear Regression Slope. This version will have more freedom on picking your own length for all the Inputs. One of the main reason I changed it is because, Slope calculation on transition period was not being computed properly. Because the Version 1, looks back the length assigned, and compute the slope based on two candle readings, could be 10 days This strategy is based on the slope of the EMA Over that slope, the script calculates two EMAs 9,21 which are used to generate the main entry and exit signal.

When the slope of the EMA is rising, it means that This indicator tries to identify ranging and trending markets. It measures the angle of a Moving Average in order to filter out ranging markets. The idea is to only enter a trend following trade if the slope is steep enough. In order to create this indicator, I used a strategy script from bennef called "Trend Angle BF" and slightly modified it to transform it This strategy compares the slope of a Moving Average of your choosing to the slope of a Momentum Indicator of your choosing.

Zero is the center line because 0 slope means sideways movement. When both lines cross your buy threshold, it buys. When both lines cross your Sell threshold, it sells. The lines may look choppy, but that is probably because it is Honey Cypher Aims to do 4 things Momentum Trend Strength Overbought and oversold zones Being the most beautiful indicator you ever see Momentum The big yellow honey waves primary use is to see the momentum of the market, they can be used in a similar way you would use a MACD or Chaikin Money Flow On this image you see the honey waves being plotted to This script uses the Repeated Median RM estimator to construct a linear regression channel and thus offers an alternative to the available codes based on ordinary least squares.

The RM estimator is a robust linear regression algorithm. It was proposed by Siegel in 1 and has since found many applications in science and engineering for linear trend A simple slope indicator of common moving average types with the slope represented in degrees aligned with the trend angle tool on TV after reset chart.

This is a study geared toward identifying price trends using Quadratic regression. Quadratic regression is the process of finding the equation of a parabola that best fits the set of data being analyzed. In this study, first a quadratic regression curve is calculated, then the slope of the curve is calculated and plotted. Custom bar colors are included. Slope function for SMA in degrees.

This slope function you can use or modify for your own strategies. Feel free to change source to calculate the slope of another indicator. In this case you can see that the indicator is above the zero line indicating a positive momentum. Moving Average Slope is a straightforward but also a handy indicator.

By inserting this moving average, it is possible to glance at the direction of the trend. The 1-Minute scalping strategy will give you the precision you need to trade when dealing with a faster time frame such as the 1-minute TF. The TMA Slope is based on 3 different time frames which are displayed on the bottom left of your chart. Another important feature of the TMA Slope MT4 indicator is that it has a built-in function to display the current market environment: Buy only bullish trend , Sell only bearish trend or ranging.

The preferred settings for CCI indicator are the default settings as shown in Figure 3. The CCI indicator is used as well as for helping you getting in a trade, but as well as managing the trade. The TMA Slope is very easy to read and interpret because it has a color code that changes with the trend direction. Near the zero line the TMA Slope is always gray, indicating ranging conditions, but when a trend develops the TMA Slope changes the color to green for bullish trend and red for bearish trend and as the momentum of the trend increase the color intensity will change to signal the strength of the trend.

Without further ado, these are the buy and sell signal rules of the 1-minute scalping strategy:. The TMA Slope MT4 indicator is very practical as in the bottom left of the window will indicate what type of signals you should take: Buy only which is our case. As the trend developed we can note the color intensity of the TMA slope increases, which gives us more information on the trend strength that can ultimately help us better manage our trades.

The TMA Slope is a very complex indicator that knows to properly read the market conditions and when we have a very tight price range it will correctly identify that and keep you out of the market. All you need is to have your live account verified! Of course, you need to open a live account

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