Phil pustejovsky real estate investing 101

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phil pustejovsky real estate investing 101

Pages·· MB·, Downloads·New! In The Book on Rental Property Investing, real estate investor and co-host of the BiggerPockets Podcast Brandon. How to Be a Real Estate Investor book. Read 32 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. America's most trusted real estate investing mento. Real Estate Investing Gone Bad Book Real Estate Investment GONE BAD Real Estate Investing Gone Bad (Audiobook) by Phil Pustejovsky WORST Way to Invest in. SMART TRADE CAPITAL I can run this software on requests by at issue mrb-solutions in. Additionally, how did a "-compresslevel 9 actors to later trying. For more the now. After several not free, but it 2 services concurrently to Cyber Threat a round on what divided into.

I explained [as lawyers have been known to do — no I am not an attorney] that the exam room would certainly been needed for other patients so it would be best if he could provide me contact information to follow up with him. Noting a round figure as to what he had in mind and the type of property and return he was looking for.

Good luck and God Bless You. That is what I am doing too. Everywhere I find an opportunity, I knock. One day not to distant, one will open. I really enjoyed the video. Yes, we have to start somewhere. And I know that my time to start is now… Right now!

Thank you so much Phil. Your inspiration and motivation alone ensures me that I can really achieve my dreams of using my real estate investing to help so many people. Thank you Phil. The one thing that inspires me to reach my goal of becoming a full time real estate investor is the fact that no matter what your back ground is or how many past failures you have, real estate is a vehicle by which any of us can achieve true financial freedom, while helping others in the process!

I agree. Great stuff! As Featured In. Real Estate Investing This video gives you a basic, yet powerful overview of real estate investing. Comments don says. December 9, at am. Thank you Phil, Past is not equal to the future, present may change the future. Candace K Ross says. January 24, at am. Larry Taylor says. August 7, at pm. Winston F. Togba says. May 17, at pm. May 18, Thanks for the coaching that has made this road easily to travel on — Phil P.

Christopher Berggren says. February 14, at pm. Gloria Jones says. July 29, at pm. John J Dasare says. July 16, at pm. Sylvia says. July 15, at pm. Amedeus says. May 18, at am. Phil Pustejovsky says. June 6, at am. Thomas Costner says. April 29, at pm. Brenda Barnes says. April 11, at am. Rabakwena says. March 7, at am. De Cagle says. February 24, at am. Do what I want to do.. Mark says. January 30, at pm. Geneva says. October 19, at pm.

Wisly says. September 28, at pm. September 26, at am. Jeremey says. September 8, at pm. Wilmar Rivas says. July 18, at pm. Sincerely Wimar Rivas. Eric Volkers says. June 4, at pm. Andrew Zimmerman says. June 4, at am. Lorna Mattis says. May 30, at pm. April 10, at am. April 9, at pm. April 1, at pm. Phil your right it is easy to do or learn a new business with a mentor to see u through.

Hapsai says. March 26, at am. Arville plumley says. February 12, at am. Clarence Washington says. February 9, at am. Wendy Galaviz says. January 29, at am. Peter Roderick says. Laura Rivera says. November 7, at pm. Hi Phil, I saw your video, I agree it is very important to have a mentor. November 13, at pm. October 1, at pm. October 4, at pm. January 6, at am. How do I get contract paperwork and get pre approved for hml with no money or credit?

January 8, at pm. My other videos in this series will answer those questions for you. Tim says. August 9, at am. Richard Hunley says. July 20, at pm. July 22, at pm. A door will open up for you if you never give up. His Royal Majesty S says. July 30, at am. January 23, at pm. OlgaRod says. July 1, at am. SondraMorton says. July 10, at pm. James says. June 29, at pm. Lance says.

Thank you Phil, I agree with that I can become successful with a mentor. Thank you Phil, Lance. Trina Taplin says. May 27, at am. Thanks for your passion to assist others in achieving their dreams Phil! BrianJackson says. May 15, at pm. Anthony Price says. February 28, at pm. Mike says. January 22, at pm. Brad says. December 25, at pm. Denny says. Beating competition is usually not as scary as one may assume though. The majority of the competition for good real estate investment deals are usually those scouring the MLS for listed deals as well as those who are at auctions such as the foreclosure auction, tax sale auctions or just regular absolute auctions.

I call that the traditional side of the business. Those who are marketing for motivated sellers is usually quite tiny. In addition to the marketing though, is the execution. And that is where you can also dominate your competition. Sometimes I talk to sellers who have also spoken with other investors but they end up going with me every time because I shoot them straight and explain their options. How you operate is critical. My students and I rarely have any issues with competition but the majority of traditional real estate investors absolutely do.

Sure, a real estate agent may be calling a FSBO sign to try to convert it into a listing but the number of people driving around looking for deals is next to none. Nobody spends time driving around these days. Hey Phil…. Do you have any scheduled conference dates for ? Just wondering so I can go ahead and start making the necessary preparations to attend! Thx Mentor! Once I have all the details ironed out, I will post the details.

Sincerely, Phil. Apply to be my next apprentice. Her mr phill great series. I had a guy call me from your team but and I ordered the blueprint but I want more stuff and coaching how can I get more? Phil, Video is awesome. Looking forward to the future. Hey man. Thanks for the inspiring video! Thank you for putting out such powerful stuff. We are looking to lock up properties in your county as well as the surrounding areas.

What would it take for us to partner some of our deals with you? Do you cover your surrounding counties as well as the entire state of Florida? Thanks again, looking forward to hearing back from you. Apply to be my Apprentice to find out more. I am from Brazil. I am a big time investor… but never put a penny in Real state in my entire life, including all my own homes and offices. I know i will have to be approved by the coop board, but I have many ways of proofing my financial capacity.

I really would like to know i you do consulting, and if we could discuss an way so you could guide me through this process. Hire a local real estate agent to help you. My program educates people on becoming truly successful real estate investors.

In your case, you are looking to buy one property so my vote would be that you hire a very talented real estate agent to help you. Hello my name is kesha parham I really like what i seen on your video I would like you to email so I can get more understanding on how to get it started the right way. Are you any relation to James Pustejovsky, the famous linguist and originator of the Generative Lexicon theory?

My understanding is that there is a relation. My brother spent some time with James up in Boston and he would know more about the exact connection. But the short answer to your question is, YES! Your videos were very helpful to me but like you said I need assistance and would love to have conversation with you on how to get started.

Thank you so very much for your time. Grab a copy of my book How to be a Real Estate Investor. Thank you Phil Pustejovsky for sharing valuable information on how to invest. Your a great mentor and a great coach. Thanks Phil!

Your advice has been efficient to my knowledge of real estate. At first, I was kind of doubting myself because of my age and lack of knowledge and skill. Now since I have read your book, I am completely motivated. My belief is motivation plus passion equals success. Like you said in your book, you have to have the right mindset and you need to have the attitude as an investor.

I just wanted to tell you thank you and I appreciate the advice! As Featured In. Phil Pustejovsky Phil Pustejovsky is a financially free real estate investor, mentor and coach to many of the most successful real estate professionals in North America, best selling author and has the most popular real estate YouTube channel with more than 23 million views. Comments Jimmy Aragon says.

January 23, at pm. Hello Phil Please let me know what is involved when forming a real estate investing team? Freedom Mentor says. April 13, at pm. Banerji says. December 18, at am. Md Sobur Ali says. October 17, at am. November 12, at pm. Here you go! August 7, at pm. August 23, at pm. John Simon - Landlord says. May 7, at pm. Such amazing and useful content! Appreciate you for sharing!

Look forward to more. Johnny R Dinwiddie Sr says. September 8, at pm. Luis Espinal says. February 9, at pm. Steffan says. June 3, at pm. Hi Phil. June 5, at pm. Robert h vega says. April 17, at pm. Look forward learn about business want get your books learn more info please….

April 18, at pm. Damy Adesanya says. April 4, at am. Greetings Phil, Thanks for sharing your nuggets of wisdom on investments. Bryan says. January 15, at am. Hey Phil, Just applied to your apprentice program. Forgot to add, do I need a real estate license to enroll in program? January 25, at am. December 27, at am. Phil Pustejovsky says. December 27, at pm. Yvan choupa says. August 19, at pm.

September 30, at pm. Phil Johnson says. April 23, at pm. David J Gamez says. December 6, at am. Kurt says. November 20, at am. November 23, at pm. Shawn says. Is your mentoring program something that I can do part-time? Thanks Shawn Perry. August 26, at am. Eder Calva says. July 20, at pm. Hi Phil I been watching you videos and I really inspire in getting involve is Real Estate Investments but I have a question what are the requirements and do you need a license first please help me out am ready to start making money not losing am from NC thanks.

July 21, at am. No, you do not need a license to be a real estate investor. Adam Andersen says. June 1, at am. Hello Mr. December 20, at pm. Is the mentoring program you offer only for the US enviroment? December 26, at pm. Julie says. December 16, at pm. December 31, at pm.

Orlando Martinez says. June 25, at am. Maliky Cole says. Mohamed kamara says. January 15, at pm. December 19, at pm. Greetings Phil, After reviewing the basics of your system it seems like something which could be profitable. Thank you for reading, Michael.

DerrickTaylor says. November 29, at am.

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You can learn more about Phil at PhilPustejovsky. There are a lot of real estate investing channels on YouTube, and most of them are fairly amateur in their video production quality. Marty Boardman and Manny Romero have put together some incredibly entertaining and informative videos on their YouTube Channel , showing their fix and flip projects in Phoenix and Milwaukee. Just look at this example…. These guys are the real deal — and they prove it in every video they publish. Learn more about these guys at Fix and Flip Hub.

This is where YOU come in. If you know of any great YouTube Channels that I and the rest of the REtipster audience should check out, let us know about them in the comments below! Seth Williams. Seth Williams is the Founder of REtipster. Become a member, achieve financial freedom and make your dream a reality! Please add REtipster. Thank you for supporting. We promise you will find ample value from our website. About the author. May 10, Kenneth M Prater rated it it was amazing. Straight up and to the point As an aspiring real estate investor I felt this was a great stater book.

The advice was well organized and thought out. I enjoyed the short stories and case studies as well. Great short read with a long run of info to help you along the way. Recommended read for anyone that is interested in real estate investing. Jun 25, Jonathan Johnson rated it it was amazing. Great book Great book One of the only books you need t read on real estate investing It breaks down every single method you can use making money in residential real estate investing It then breaks down which investment types you should focus on based on your personality, cash, credit, etc Overall, a wonderful book that I would recommend to anyone looking to invest in real estate.

Good information but full of drops for his own company and tries to sell their services. I skipped those as much as I could, but very annoying to do. He does bring up the benefits and drawbacks of each type of investment, financing, and sale. From that perspective, it was a great book. Mar 21, marshall rated it it was amazing. A great read Breaks down the concept of real estate investing very well, with real world examples.

A instruction on how to plan and how to get started. Amazing Read This book provides great information and simplified terminology for anyone new to real estate. I would recommend this book to new or experienced real estate investors. Dec 03, Sammy rated it it was amazing. Great REI read!!! Great read! Very educational. Some of the information is difficult to understand if this is your very first book to read on real estate investing. Learn the basics, then read this book. Jan 20, Elvis rated it really liked it.

Learned a lot to start my real state investor venture Recommend the book co soldering that was written by a very successful real states investor, I also enjoy the fact that phil provides free videos in You tube. Apr 02, Juanita rated it it was amazing. Awesome book.. A must read The information provided in this book will provided you with a head-start to becoming an investor. A wealth of information. Thanks Phil. Nov 07, Jonathan rated it it was amazing. Very comprehensive This is a great way to get an overview of the types of real estate investing strategies.

I like it. Jun 16, Michaelmelton rated it it was amazing. A very good book to read about real estate I gave it five stars because it's a very good book! And you have to read it now! Jul 26, Jason rated it it was amazing. Awesome book! Very instructive to a beginner real estate investor! Very enlightening. Anything to writer can do, he covers in the book. Nov 16, K. Simple, informative, spells everything out very clearly. I feel like I learned everything I need to know about real estate from this one book.

A little gimmicky for me, but there were some interesting ideas in here. Feb 23, Travis Bowen rated it it was amazing. Great Starter Book Phil walks you through the different ways to earn income from real estate. He does a great job of incorporating real-life stories to facilitate learning. Mar 27, Yolanda rated it really liked it.

Good summary of ways in. Not a step by step. Very informative overall. Not necessarily a how to book. Still a good read if you are looking for ways in. Jun 01, Tim rated it it was amazing. Informative Very informative and clear! I finished this page turner of a book in two days! Absolutely amazing! If you want to get into real estate, this is the start!

Jun 15, Van Le rated it it was amazing. Great read, honestly written. Great read. Written honestly by an author. I felt the author genuinely tried to convey and help others. I trust what he said. Jan 27, Jamelle rated it really liked it. Great book I loved this book because it broke down each terms and techniques you could take to be successful. Apr 11, sundevilpoolsinc rated it it was amazing.

A clear, concise, informative book written with a great plan and instructions on how to build your real estate investing team. Feb 02, Sohaib Ahmed rated it really liked it. Real estate Education Great for those who want to learn about Real estate the in and outs and everything. Apr 18, Nguyen Mai rated it it was amazing. Nice reading I would like to use it for myself trading. It would be great if reader can practice these as soon as finish reading the book.

Jul 01, Kate Williamson rated it really liked it. Great story and a must read for those unsure of what they want out of real estate Phil weaves his own personal story on how he became involved in the world of real estate investing. Throughout each section, he provides real world examples on the method used for each deal as well as the result.

Definitely some encouraging points throughout the book and makes you question what you hope to get out of real estate. I will use this book as a reference as I continue my journey on real estate. Great read Great story and a must read for those unsure of what they want out of real estate Phil weaves his own personal story on how he became involved in the world of real estate investing.

Great read and I highly recommend it. Thank you Phil! Dec 09, Luis Mayorga rated it really liked it. Phil does a great job explaining the ins and outs of real estate investing as well as taking the time to have you look at yourself and look to see what your motivations are and what you want to do with your real estate life. I would suggest this book to anyone interested in real estate investing. This book opened my eyes.

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