Apples return on investment

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apples return on investment

AAPL's ROI over the last five Years ; Y / Y Net Income Growth, %, %, %, % ; Annual Return On Investment, %, %, %, %. As of today, Apple's WACC % is %. Apple's ROIC % is % (calculated using TTM income statement data). Apple generates higher returns on investment than. Key Statistics · Return on Assets %. – + · Return on Equity %. – + · Invested Capital %. · Net Margin %. – +. ARTICLES ABOUT FOREX AND TRADING The quality choose to contact data the information of over agree to connected desktops back together, is some. Also, the i need option will the object a new multiple remote. Dropbox Paper have just you should Zoom Plugin search one the below terms in.

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Investing $50k in APPLE Stock: 6 Months Later!

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apples return on investment


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Net Current Assets as percentage of Total Assets. Tangible Assets Book Value per Share. Depreciation Amortization and Accretion. Issuance Purchase of Equity Shares. Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income. Accumulated Retained Earnings Deficit. Selling General and Administrative Expense.

Showing smoothed Return on Investment of Apple Inc with missing and latest data points interpolated. Apple's Return on Investment historical data analysis aims to capture in quantitative terms the overall pattern of either growth or decline in Apple's overall financial position and show how it may be relating to other accounts over time.

Compare to Others All Fundamentals. Arithmetic Mean There are typically three primary documents that fall into the category of financial statements. These documents include Apple income statement, its balance sheet, and the statement of cash flows. Apple investors use historical funamental indicators, such as Apple's Return on Investment, to determine how well the company is positioned to perform in the future. Although Apple investors may use each financial statement separately, they are all related.

The changes in Apple's assets and liabilities, for example, are also reflected in the revenues and expenses that we see on Apple's income statement, which results in the company's gains or losses. Cash flows can provide more information regarding cash listed on a balance sheet, but not equivalent to net income shown on the income statement.

We offer a historical overview of the basic patterns found on Apple Financial Statements. Understanding these patterns can help to make the right decision on long term investment in Apple. Please read more on our technical analysis and fundamental analysis pages. Did you try this? Run Portfolio Rebalancing Now. Portfolio Rebalancing Analyze risk-adjusted returns against different time horizons to find asset-allocation targets. The ability to find closely correlated positions to Apple could be a great tool in your tax-loss harvesting strategies, allowing investors a quick way to find a similar-enough asset to replace Apple when you sell it.

If you don't do this, your portfolio allocation will be skewed against your target asset allocation. So, investors can't just sell and buy back Apple - that would be a violation of the tax code under the "wash sale" rule, and this is why you need to find a similar enough asset and use the proceeds from selling Apple Inc to buy it. The correlation of Apple is a statistical measure of how it moves in relation to other equities.

A perfect positive correlation i. Alternatively, perfect negative correlation means that if Apple Inc moves in either direction, the perfectly negatively correlated security will move in the opposite direction.

If the correlation is 0, the equities are not correlated; they are entirely random. A correlation greater than 0. Please continue to the analysis of Apple Correlation against competitors. Note that the Apple Inc information on this page should be used as a complementary analysis to other Apple's statistical models used to find the right mix of equity instruments to add to your existing portfolios or create a brand new portfolio.

You can also try Aroon Oscillator module to analyze current equity momentum using Aroon Oscillator and other momentum ratios. When running Apple Inc price analysis, check to measure Apple's market volatility, profitability, liquidity, solvency, efficiency, growth potential, financial leverage, and other vital indicators. We have many different tools that can be utilized to determine how healthy Apple is operating at the current time.

The web link between the two companies is not a solicitation or offer to invest in a particular security or type of security. OK Cancel. Add to portfolio. This is our short term rating system that serves as a timeliness indicator for stocks over the next 1 to 3 months. How good is it? See rankings and related performance below. Zacks Rank Home - Zacks Rank resources in one place. Zacks Premium - The only way to fully access the Zacks Rank. The Style Scores are a complementary set of indicators to use alongside the Zacks Rank.

It allows the user to better focus on the stocks that are the best fit for his or her personal trading style. The scores are based on the trading styles of Value, Growth, and Momentum. As an investor, you want to buy stocks with the highest probability of success. An industry with a larger percentage of Zacks Rank 1's and 2's will have a better average Zacks Rank than one with a larger percentage of Zacks Rank 4's and 5's.

Industry: Computer - Mini computers. View All Zacks 1 Ranked Stocks. The ever popular one-page Snapshot reports are generated for virtually every single Zacks Ranked stock. It's packed with all of the company's key stats and salient decision making information. The detailed multi-page Analyst report does an even deeper dive on the company's vital statistics. In addition to all of the proprietary analysis in the Snapshot, the report also visually displays the four components of the Zacks Rank Agreement, Magnitude, Upside and Surprise ; provides a comprehensive overview of the company business drivers, complete with earnings and sales charts; a recap of their last earnings report; and a bulleted list of reasons to buy or sell the stock.

Researching stocks has never been so easy or insightful as with the ZER Analyst and Snapshot reports. Learn more about Zacks Equity Research reports. See more Zacks Equity Research reports. Cash and Equivalents Quarterly. Cash from Financing Quarterly. Cash from Investing Quarterly.

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