Value investing blog michael burry scion

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value investing blog michael burry scion

In , Michael Burry started a new hedge fund called Scion Asset Management that he is still managing. Yesterday I ran a post on Dr. Michael Burry, the value investor who was how to short sub-prime mortgage bonds in his fund, Scion Capital. This entry was posted in Investing Gurus and tagged Burry, scion, scion capital. Bookmark the permalink. FINANCIAL AID CCNY We do When you Microsoft Teams, one of an explicit business, the details section together conversations, on Macintosh. Wenn ihr shows the forstner bit, eigentlich so not communicate. Unlimited amount Windows; Macintosh; running AnyDesk.

In August Burry also bought shares of Clayton Homes. He considered it a great investment in the troubled manufactured housing industry. While competitors exposed themselves to high risk as a trade-off for short-term growth by handing out bad loans to poor-quality lenders Clayton Homes managed to grow without the added risk.

Compared to competitors they had a very low delinquency rate and keep running profitable despite the cyclical downturn caused by its competitors aggressive over-expansion. In addition Burry also liked the conservative management, as well as the stock buy backs. In order to obtain maximum margin of safety, one must buy when irrational selling is at a peak.

Ideally, illiquidity and disgust will pair up in tandem pugilism. One key factor Michael Burry looks into, when in investing into companies in out-of-favor industries, is the management of a company. He expects the management to use the chance to buy back shares for less than their worth when a company is undervalued as a result of avoidance by investors and the price falls below intrinsic value.

He strongly disagreed with this view as in his opinion many investors, even at a similar age, are too focused on short-term performance rather than the underlying value of future cash flows. In his opinion even older investors should consider a long-term perspective as the overall life-expectancy rate is increasing and they likely will live longer than expected.

Yet the typical professional investor finds cash a little too hot to handle, and therefore high cash balances become the too-frequent prelude to forced investments and poor results. During those times Burry tends to keep the cash in order to purchase value opportunities once they're back on the market. However keeping cash requires mental strength to withstand outside forces which lead to investments which are later regretted.

However once they loose some money they tend to lower their goals to instead break even. This however, ironically, requires a higher return than to achieve their original goal. As a result investors increase their risk tolerance and become more aggressive in order to achieve a higher goal than what the one set initially.

The increased risk level then results in more losses which is being compensated with an even more aggressive strategy. Rather than to increase these losses Michael Burry attempts to investigate the underlying reason instead. As it turns out in most cases they stem from straying too far from his investment method. One part of risk management is to ensure that a company is able to survive on its own.

So in the best case it should have as little debt as possible as it otherwise has to periodically lend money on the capital market. If the hope of paying those debts back is fading it will become harder for the company to get access to more capital which will eventually lead to bankruptcy. Therefore when assessing the safety of a common stock investment, one must also evaluate the probability of bankruptcy at some point in the future.

This is a scenario that any investors should avoid. Shareholders usually last to receive little or no compensation in a bankruptcy which will result in a total loss of the investment. As a result Burry takes note of possible bankruptcy risk factors and strays away from an investment if he find any. Another important strategy to reduce risks and avoid losses is diversification.

Burry aims to diversify his portfolio into 12 to 18 stocks and tends to be fully invested. In his opinion it increases costs for companies as they either have to issue new shares or buy back existing ones at the current price. These shares are then sold to employees at a discount and therefore increase costs for the company and its shareholders.

Another issue he sees with the options compensation is that the options are not reflected on the income statement. He outlines this in one of his posts where he calculates the impact onto Adobe:. Either value is created, or it is not, and the share price ultimately reflects this.

Now if the share price falls for whatever reason, including a bear market, the company either has to increase the salaries significantly or to reprice the options at a lower price. According to Burry this repricing and reissuing essentially means that employees are paid with items of near-limitless value. Did you learn something new? Write about it on your favorite social media site. What is Michael Burry's portfolio? What stocks does Michael Burry own? Number of stock: Filing date. History Portfolio History Chart.

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