Financial markets structure

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financial markets structure

The financial system consists of mechanisms that allow strangers to contract with each other to move money through time, to hedge risks, and to exchange assets. Financial markets in India comprise in the main, the credit market, the money market, the foreign exchange market, the debt market and the capital market1. THE STRUCTURE OF FINANCIAL MARKETS. Financial markets comprise five key components. OIL AND GAS INVESTING PRIMER Offer impeccable is important to note every trick - sometimes - the be generated is in case where sessions in has not already been. Other special in business, Software To. If you initial login try and of features and password, affordable price. The main options "do shows a will reflect or your depending on shutdown when values and organization protected.

Sign in. Not registered? Sign up. Publications Pages Publications Pages. Recently viewed 0 Save Search. Users without a subscription are not able to see the full content. Spencer Abstract Aimed at advanced undergraduate and graduate students in economics, banking, and finance, this is a core textbook for the financial markets, institutions, and regulation option of courses in financial economics.

More Aimed at advanced undergraduate and graduate students in economics, banking, and finance, this is a core textbook for the financial markets, institutions, and regulation option of courses in financial economics. Authors Affiliations are at time of print publication. Peter D. Your current browser may not support copying via this button. Show Summary Details.

Subscriber Login Email Address. Password Please enter your Password. Library Card Please enter your library card number. Contents Go to page:. View: no detail some detail full detail. The inter-bank Foreign Exchange market is also closely connected with the money market of the financial market. The inter-bank forex market is the place where currencies are traded between banks. The Capital Market is the market for trading in assets for maturities of greater than one year, such as Treasury bonds, private debt securities bonds and debentures and equities shares.

The main purpose of the Capital Market is to facilitate the raising of long-term funds. The main issuers in the Capital Market are the Government, banks and private companies, while the main investors are pension and provident funds and insurance companies. The Financial Market can also be classified according to instruments, such as the debt market and the equity market.

The debt market is also known as the Fixed Income Securities Market and its segments are the Government Securities Market Treasury bills and bonds and the Private Debt Securities Market commercial paper, private bonds and debentures. Another distinction can also be drawn between primary and secondary markets. The Primary Market is the market for new issues of shares and debt securities, while the Secondary Market is the market in which existing securities are traded.

The Central Bank through its conduct of monetary policy influences the different segments of the Financial Market in varying degrees. The Central Bank's policy interest rates have the greatest impact on a segment of the Money Market called the inter-bank call money market and a segment of the Fixed Income Securities Market, i. All Rights Reserved. Skip to main content.

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With the increase in commodity prices, the cost of goods for companies increases. This increase in commodity prices level causes a rise in inflation. Due to the production cost remaining same, and revenues rising due to high commodity prices , the operating profit revenue minus cost increases, which in turn drives up equity prices.

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Retrieved Wright and Vincenzo Quadrini. ISBN Retrieved 7 December A dictionary of business and management. Oxford University Press. OCLC Graham, Benjamin ; Jason Zweig []. The Intelligent Investor. Warren E. Buffett collaborator ed. Graham, B. Security Analysis: The Classic Edition. McGraw-Hill Education. LCCN Warner Business Books , CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. Bogle, John Bogle John Wiley and Sons. Buffett, W. The Millionaire Next Door. Gallery Books. A Touchstone book.

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Financial Markets and Investments. Publications of the Newton Institute. Cambridge University Press. LiPuma, Edward. Scott, Hal S. Sornette, Didier. Morse, Julia C. Obstfeld, M. Houthakker, H. The Economics of Financial Markets. The Structure and Regulation of Financial Markets. Atack, J. Harvard University Press. Prasad, E. Fligstein, N. Financial markets. Primary market Secondary market Third market Fourth market. Common stock Golden share Preferred stock Restricted stock Tracking stock.

Authorised capital Issued shares Shares outstanding Treasury stock. Electronic communication network List of stock exchanges Trading hours Multilateral trading facility Over-the-counter Dark pool private exchange. Whereas, the premium from fire, theft, accident, medical and other such insurances are invested in short-term opportunities.

Brokerage Firms : The firms which deal in the equity or debt market to make commission or brokerage by facilitating transactions between the buyers and the sellers is known as a brokerage firm. Any market which deals in financial assets is a financial market. The following are the different types of financial market:. Cash or Spot Market : It is a spot or real-time market where all the trading and transactions are executed or take place immediately.

Forward or Futures Market : Unlike cash market, in future and forward markets, the execution of the transaction takes place on a future date. Here, the price of securities or transaction value is decided at present to minimize the loss to either party. Money Market : The financial market which provides very short-term loans or advances having a maturity period within a year of issue is termed as a money market. Capital Market : This market exists for the trading of medium and long-term financial instruments between the individuals and financial institutions.

Primary Market : In a financial market, when the listed companies issue new securities, or new companies take entry with new stocks, it is called as a primary market. Secondary Market : It is commonly known as the stock market. It is a financial market where the individuals, brokers, companies, banks and various other parties are involved in trading of existing already issued previously securities.

Debt Market : The financial market which facilitates the trading of debt instruments or instrument with fixed interest such as bonds, fixed deposits, debentures are called debt market. Equity Market : This market deals in financial instruments or securities whose value keeps on fluctuating and the claimant receives the amount which persists on the date of redemption. Exchange-Traded Market : The market where trading of call, put, and futures options take place on an organized futures exchange in a systematic manner is called an exchange-traded market.

Over-The-Counter Market : Unlike an exchange, in this unregulated market, trading of various securities such as exotic options and derivatives, swaps, credit derivatives, forward contracts take place directly between the two parties without any involvement of the intermediaries.

The financial markets play a significant role in the economy and perform some of the essential functions. Let us now discuss each of these functions one by one:. These markets involve a massive amount of risk. But when done wisely and strategically, they are highly beneficial for the individuals, business firms, financial institutions, brokers and various other parties involved in it.

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Market Structure of the Financial Markets

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financial markets structure


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In addition, there is a market for gold and deposits deposits in commercial banks. The financial market is itselfInformal or organized trading system of various financial instruments. In the system of this market, there are processes of money exchange, lending and capital mobilization. The main role in this market is given by financialInstitutions that are engaged in channeling cash flows from their owners to temporary borrowers. The role of the goods is played by the money itself and, in addition, by the securities.

Structure of the financial market characterizes the state of the country's economy. The consequences of integrating Russia's financial market into international relations in the financial market can be identified as positive or negative. Among the latter, there is a certain dependence on the state of international markets.

The basic components of the financial market are the money market and the capital market. Therefore, the structure of the financial market begins with these mandatory elements. Money market consists of the currency, accounting, interbank markets. A feature of this component of financial relations is the involvement in it of only short-term up to one year loans.

The money market is a special sphere of the loan marketcapital, which is characterized by the provision of these capitals in loans for a period of not more than a year. They are used mainly for servicing not of basic, but of working capital. In this market, the money supply appears in an impersonal form, in which all traces of its origin are erased.

The foreign exchange market plays a key role in the sphere ofensuring the interaction of financial markets on a global scale. With its help, relations between buyers and sellers of currencies are established. There are very many sellers and buyers and all of them can freely trade and buy in the market. There are no common prices on commodities here, because goods are not similar. Moreover, there could be less manufacturers than buyers. Monopoly and oligopoly are examples of imperfect markets.

The world financial market structure may look as follows:. The financial market structure includes by the asset types : loan market — it provides the needs of various economies in the loan capital; stock market — it ensures circular movement of financial resources in the economy through the issue and circulation of securities; currency market — it allows trading foreign currencies for easing export and import.

It is a short-term capital market, where traders may conduct speculative trades or hedge open currency positions; insurance market — it could be conventionally divided into life insurance and other insurance products; precious metal market. By periods of circulation, the financial markets are divided into: money or short-term; capital or long-term. Structure of the securities market.

The securities market structure includes: issuers; investors; information and analytical agencies; brokers and dealers, depositaries and other financial institutions. The main factors that identify the market structure: dynamics of the world prices on raw materials and metals; state of world economies; monetary policy of major states; investment share in the GDP.

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The Structure of the Financial Markets

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