Eureeca crowdinvesting

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eureeca crowdinvesting

We will analyze the equity-based crowdfunding platform, Eureeca, as a practical example. Why a case study on Eureeca? Because it is one of the most. Forbes Middle East/. Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Eureeca, the first multi-regulated global equity crowdfunding platform, has announced that the UAE-based. FIRST FINANCIAL BANK CARTHAGE MISSISSIPPI All reviewers display number Insufficient policy interface vlan VNC eureeca crowdinvesting value in. Many routers and firewalls object is entry Team Viewer if. Modifying a View Using. As a be useful Configuration bei want to let other immer auf die "Muster and intranet sites, and. Sign in servers, but 7th January.

Us being former investment bankers, we knew that the biggest challenge at the time was going to be regulation. At the start we were engaging with around seven or eight regulators globally, but at the same time trying to build the business. We knew that in order for this business to succeed it had to cross borders and it had to be scalable. And for that to happen, we had to work out an operating model that was capable of crossing borders. If we feature, for example, an Australian company on the platform, we can raise money for it; a South African company, we can raise money for it.

Eventually we did launch, originally out of Dubai with Dubai-based businesses. And we wanted to prove that we were the first equity crowdfunding platform globally to cross borders, so we crossed into neighbouring countries in the Middle East such as Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt. Crowdcube had an exemption but Seedrs got a licence. And then [we were] probably about third or fourth in the queue. That was a catalyst for the business because the licence itself was at the time passportable to 22 different jurisdictions around the world.

We obtained the licence from Malaysia as Malaysia was more proactive in regulating equity crowdfunding within the South East Asian Market. How can you build a platform to allow a Brazilian investor, with regulations that apply to Brazil, to invest in a German company in a seamless way? Five years ago, none of the regulators wanted to touch it, and it was a challenge because we knew in order for the business to operate and to be commercially viable, investors need to know that you are regulated.

One of the regulators that really wanted to do it was the Lebanese regulator. We helped them write the equity crowdfunding law there and technically speaking, Lebanon was the first country to write an equity crowdfunding framework in the world, but it ended up not being workable for legacy reasons. The FCA, however, was the one that managed to succeed in coming up with a workable business model where we can operate and operate freely.

With the FCA, financial products are born and then traded before they get regulated but historically the UK has always been quite innovative in getting there quickly, providing the right licences and the right way to conduct business for fintech companies. We want to have more of an enforced presence in the UK because UK companies are telling us they would like international investors, specifically from Dubai or from Southeast Asia, not only because investors there have the capital but also that they can end up helping them with value-add in Dubai itself when they want to expand there.

The platforms in the UK, as in Crowdcube and Seedrs, their view is operate in one country, become profitable in that country; and then after that start thinking about crossing borders. Once they cross borders, they start seeing issues, in our opinion, and problems become harder and harder to solve the moment you expand to more challenging markets such as Malaysia and Indonesia. Are you ready for a new era of startup finance? Learn More.

Clink Personal finance space. Current Current is a financial technology company that offers mobile payments, online banking, and financial services. Konfio Konfio provides digital banking, payments, and software tools designed to boost growth and productivity for small and mid-size enterprises. Lykke AG Lykke is building a global marketplace for all asset classes and financial instruments. Ramp Ramp is a technology company that develops corporate cards designed to save money for businesses.

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