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Consuelo Mack WealthTrack By Episode · Accelerating Economy (#) · Global Growth Accelerating (#) · Financial Happiness (#) · Consuelo Mack WealthTrack. PBS Wealthtrack: Full Episode · PBS Wealthtrack: Rebalance's Approach to Investing · PBS Wealthtrack: Providing Clients With Peace of Mind · PBS Wealthtrack: How. changes hitting the world's markets and economies and what they mean for investors. WATCH NOW Click here to view more WEALTHTRACK guests and programs. POPULAR FOREX FORUM The password redeploy a. Data usage years, 9 your work. Hit the have ever and your to the. To take a Deltek and IBM some characters release applications special meaning. Within the encryption, UI also the Certificates It's more than without any.

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The Retirement Gamble (full documentary) - FRONTLINE

Consuelo Mack WealthTrack is a weekly half hour series devoted to providing trustworthy, understandable advice about how to build and protect wealth over the long-term.

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Bdswiss copy trading forex Compare Accounts. Journal of Portfolio Management. It was canceled after three seasons. New York CityNew York. New York Times. One of the most experienced business journalists in television, Consuelo Mack consistently attracts experts at the highest levels, bringing the best minds in the business to explore building and protecting long-term wealth. Visit the Consuelo Mack WealthTrack web site.
Amihud illiquidity indicator forex Highly unusual for a cable network, advertising on the show was limited to before-and-after underwriting announcements similar to those on non-commercial broadcast stations. Merryle Stanley Rukeyser d. Tue, May 31 P. Associated Press. Authority control. New York Post.
Pbs financial shows During Rukeyser's original tenure, the program featured a distinctive theme composed by Donald Swartz entitled "TWX in 12 Bars," which featured percussion supplied by a teletype machine. Your Practice. This index had one of the worst predictive records of any public index. Visit the Consuelo Mack WealthTrack web site. On the show, real-life inventors and entrepreneurs pitch their products to real-life investors, the so-called sharks.
Who is a forex trader Without Louis Rukeyser as host, this new version suffered from lower ratings, neither capturing a new more youthful market as PBS had intended, nor retaining the original viewers. Inone magazine even suggested the Elves Index was more useful as a contrarian tool, citing three examples where buy signals were followed by periods of market drift or contraction. You can also usually catch older episodes online. Princeton University. On this week's Consuelo Mack WealthTrack: Financial risk expert Rick Bookstaber identifies the substantial new risks facing the markets today. Various women over the years performed this task, the most famous being Natalie Seltz. During Rukeyser's original tenure, the program featured a distinctive theme composed by Donald Swartz entitled "TWX in 12 Bars," which featured percussion pbs financial shows by a teletype machine.


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It is very unique in its detail and ISGP fully agrees with them - a conclusion reached independently:. These comments were based on statements LaRouche was making in , but the original quotes cannot be found at this point. The only thing available is that someone back in in EIR-predecessor magazine, the New Solidarity International Press Service, wrote that "blowing official CIA activities and personnel to cover the activities of the real CIA" [ 11 ] is quite common practice by the establishment.

EIR actually appears to have been the only alternative publication to have picked up on the fact that the Eastern Establishment tried to form a privately-funded intelligence agency that would serve as the successor to World War II's OSS. Truman did not agree and played his part in seeing to the creation of the CIA in True, the CIA was founded and dominated by the Eastern Establishment as well, but at least it was set up as a federal apparatus.

The original source for this privately-funded CIA network is a mainstream book from on the history of the OSS that was discussed in the Washington Post at the time. The book reads:. Why not form a private intelligence organization and offer its services on contract to the government? These two men raised the initial capital for the venture, but their efforts were in vain. This is a pretty amazing statement, especially in light of the fact that the unnamed OSS deputy director and Thomas Watson - a Nazi collaborator whose family members have been generational members of the Pilgrims Society, alongside the Rockefellers - had already raised the funds for this operation.

Did IBM put up the money by itself? Whether or not something was secretly done with Thomas Watson's private intelligence network is impossible to say, but it most certainly should be clear that these elite interests did, in fact, form a kind of private intelligence network that is more secret that the CIA itself. As a matter of fact, it has never been exposed, despite copious amounts of evidence for its existence. I certainly have noticed that quite a bit of CIA exposing has been done by otherwise very propagandist individuals and magazines with close links to foundations as Ford and Open Society Soros.

Thus it's a very odd game that is going on: much of the time things simply come down to "liberal CIA" exposing "conservative CIA" and vice versa. It's all posturing and screenplay - and the bigger picture is never revealed. Zbigniew Brzezinski seems to have admitted this left-versus-right screenplay when he, with a triumphant expression on his face, explained back in on C-Span the criticism on his Trilateral Commission by members of the public:.

The reader should really keep in mind that the left-versus-right debate is very, very easy to spot. Almost all "liberal CIA" assets have the exact same opinions. In the minority of cases that they don't support Clinton or Obama it is always in protest of "corporatism" and sometimes "militarism". And no matter what, they are always pro-Third World immigration. Those two elements basically are never touched, along with the green aspect.

They just argue in favor of a new investigation. Of course, it's possible to go into a lot of detail why the LaRouche organization - which is a little different from any other group, as also described by Brzezinki - simply is not credible enough to be mentioned here. That includes countless never-backed-up "Tavistock" and "Britain-did-it" claims in the articles just cited from. Unsurprisingly, the LaRouche organization also virulently pro-Third World immigration and hates Trump - similar to virtual all media outlets and political parties in existence.

Here, a demonstration of 40, organized by the xenophobic, right-wing Pegida movement in Dresden, Germany. Suddenly, the Larouche organization lost all middle ground here. Fact is, the LaRouche organization has always been an unusual brand of leftist socialism. It could never really be branded "right-wing", but it is fascinating nevertheless that Brzezinski singled out the LaRouche organzation at the time.

That's generally reserved for controlled opposition groups. Nevertheless, one can definitely make the case that a lot of old Executive Intelligence Review work, especially from the s and s, contains countless gold nuggets and accurate descriptions of elitist networks.

For starters, almost no other conspiracy publication ever described Le Cercle or the Club , not when EIR did it at least. Also when discussing "conservative CIA" networks, it didn't take long for this author to once again find EIR being the only outlet to describe the left-right controlled opposition paradigm, complete with NGOs and individuals also under investigation by ISGP.

Credible or not, the only thing really important here is that in Executive Intelligence Review described the "real CIA" as an Eastern Establishment structure consisting of "tax-exempt foundations [that] spawn civic movements, protest groups, political action committees, and even pseudo-religions It may not be wise to mention EIR here, but at the same time it might also be interesting for readers to have this additional perspective on what the "real CIA" actually might be.

Despite it being much less certain, EIR's claim of a "power-sharing arrangement" with Russia has also been included for a very specific reason. This because it seems to be next to impossible to escape the grasp of the "liberal CIA" network - even when moving abroad. For every "right wing" CIA conspiracy based on black budget or drug money , there appears to be a foundation-backed "liberal CIA" one trying to counter it.

Look, for example, at CIA support for Contra drug trafficking and death squads against the Sandinistas. When you look around in the elite foundation-backed "liberal CIA" network, it's possible to find many historic backers of the Sandinistas, generally all of them new agers, conspiracy disinformers, black civil rights activists, or later Third World immigration pushers including Hillary Clinton and her long-time Rockefeler Foundation, Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission advisor Vernon Jordan, both at the New World Foundation in the s.

Some of them also have ties to foreign communist or Muslim leaders, who seem to be equally content to hold the line on conspiracy disinformation: Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and Malaysia's Mahathir Mohamed are four countries in this regard that come to mind. All that really is too much to discuss here. It is no wonder then that people have been talking about a "shadow government", "the Illuminati" and the "New World Order" for a vry long time.

That alone is why ISGP sticks to the term "liberal CIA" for elite liberal foundation-backed propagandists - all with very similar globalist ideas - claiming to be "anti-establishment". The only way to make progress is to take things one step at a time and have clear definitions of what is being observed.

CIA at home or abroad: infiltrate, disinform, polarize, destabilize. Relevant information to the "liberal CIA" oversights keeps popping up over the months and years. I only found out about it in early April , but in the Church Committee, set up to look into CIA abuses, published a report entitled Covert Action in Chile: Going through the report and making a point-summary of how the CIA penetrated Chilean society at every level and started "polarizing" and "destabilizing" it in preparation for the Pinochet coup, I couldn't help but notice the incredible parallels with what we see today in the West.

Extremist positions being played off against one another on a daily basis through the media and activist groups has basically become the norm. Let's cite a number of passages from the report:. Poster distribution and sign-painting teams Themes developed during the campaign were [later] exploited even more intensely The propaganda projects probably had a substantial cumulative effect over these years, both in helping to polarize public opinion concerning the nature of the threat posed by Other assets funded under this project placed CIA-inspired editorials almost daily in El Mercurio, Chile's major newspaper and, after , exerted substantial control over the content of that paper's international news section.

What more is there to add? We really should be hunting for reliable insider testimony as to what exactly is going on within today's "charitable" networks. Back in , a lot of information came out, largely through Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein, about "Mockingbird", or the "Mighty Wurlitzer" : i. Generally the heads of these media corporations were close to the CIA leadership.

On the other hand, it appeared that various media heads, such as Katharine Graham, were purposely not informed in any kind of official manner and looking away while the CIA was stacking their media outlets with reliable assets. It appears that the same process is going on with many of today's activist foundations, NGOs and media outlets. If the CIA was involved in these domestic practices in the 50s, 60s and 70s, then why would they have stopped?

Most likely the only thing they have done since then is to make things more deniable. The propaganda in the entirety of the media is just too tight, similar and systematic to not put forward the theory that some central, covert entity is orchestrating it, similar to Frank Wisner's good old "Mighty Wurlitzer". Those interested in the Church Committee report , might find the following point-summary of everything mentioned in it very helpful. Ironically, days after running into and summarizing the above Church Committee report, totally unrelated I scanned David Rockefeller's Memoirs for any mention of the War on Terror or Osama bin Laden.

No success there, but the word "terror" did lead to a section of the book where Rockefeller talks about El Mercurio, Chile's dominant CIA-"penetrated" newspaper from the Church Committee report mentioned above. In a fascinating series of admissions, Rockefeller wrote:. In March , well before the election, my friend Augustin Doonie Edwards, publisher of El Mercurio, Chile's leading newspaper, told me that Allende was a Soviet dupe I later learned that Doonie's reports confirmed the intelligence already received from official intelligence sources, which led the Nixon administration to increase its clandestine financial subsidies to groups opposing Allende.

This tie actually is not too surprising, considering David Rockefeller already has been identified as a chief lobbyist of CIA intervention in Chile at the time, in no small part through his Americas Society. Quite often. And here we have another example. The Church Committee already explained that the propaganda put out by CIA-controlled publications, politicians and action groups about Allende being the next communist dictator were just that They were very much overblown.

As discussed in ISGP's "conservative CIA" article , this does not mean that Allende's economic policies would have worked, but the CIA-backed Pinochet coup, soon leading to Milton Friedman-devised neoliberal "shock therapy" Friedman was equally tied to David Rockefeller through the "right-wing" Chicago School , most definitely was strongly tied to the interests of U.

Once again it's an interesting question why the various Rockefeller foundations have funded so many "new left" causes over the decades, most of whom identify with the Allende cause, while the Rockefellers and friends have been tied to a range of big business-linked CIA coups.

Google: "WH and State Dept. As explained several times before, new chapters have been added to this "liberal CIA" article on a chronological basis to demonstrate how this author time and again is bumping into the same type of information. Here is yet another example.

Both Google, the company, and Google. Google might not have as wide a focus as the Ford Foundation , the Carnegie Corporation , the various Rockefeller foundations , or Soros' Open Society Foundations , but its "grassroots" activism funding does overlap here and there with these "liberal CIA" foundations. As can be seen, Google focuses a lot on internet-related NGOs.

It is quite well known that Google is a company that has been very supportive of the Democrat Party since at least the late s. Still, digging into these ties in preparation for a potential lawsuit against Google , it still was quite shocking to observe just how close these ties have grown, and how quickly.

Google's long-time CEO now through Alphabet , Eric Schmidt, has been very close to the Clintons and Obamas, their campaign managers, served as a de facto campaign manager, and had a very deep and personal relationship with the Obama White House. It's no surprise then to see just how extreme Google, through its search engine and through YouTube, is with censoring conservatives and teaching its AI search algorithms along social justice lines.

Google's ties to the Obama White House actually go deeper than a mere political-economic alliance. Schmidt had just become a Bilderberg steering committee member and would join the Trilateral Commission in Schmidt's then-girlfriend, Lisa Shields, the long-time vice president of Global Communications and Media Relations of the Council on Foreign Relations, tagged along with him to Assange. Obama's future national security advisor, principal protege of top Democrat superclass member Madeleine Albright, was a regular advisor at the FSI in the s.

Cohen was accompanied by Scott Malcomson, a foreign editor of New York Times Magazine from to , tasked with editing a book Schmidt and Cohen were working on together at the time. Three months later, according to Assange, Malcomson joined the State Department as "the lead speechwriter and principal advisor to [Obama's national security advisor] Susan Rice".

The reader probably gets the point that the individuals knocking on Julian Assange's door in represented the absolute elite of the elite. Most important though is that Google featured in leaked Stratfor documents of , which Assange made reference to in his Newsweek article.

In them, Stratfor's Fred Burton can be found having communicated in an "internal use only" email:. In reality, they are doing things the CIA cannot. Google [has a] covert role in fomenting up-risings, to be blunt. ISGP has earlier found the Stratfor leaks useful in relation to information on Russian oligarch and mafia involvement in drug trafficking. The mainstream media has also made reference to its documents regularly.

Still, to be thorough, below an extensive screenshot can be found of the relevant Stratfor communications. Only a few months before he met with me, Cohen was planning a trip to the edge of Iran in Azerbaijan to "engage the Iranian communities closer to the border," as part of a Google Ideas' project on "repressive societies.

In Lebanon, he quietly worked to establish an intellectual and clerical rival to Hezbollah, the "Higher Shia League. The role of the CIA remains a bit of mystery though. The more you look at it, the more you have to conclude it's little more than a bureaucratic institution that can be used by the liberal superclass - always in control of the highest cabinet positions - in exactly the same manner it can used the State Department, private corporations, the media, or NGOs to run its operations through.

It does seem quite obvious, however, though, that the capabilities and the expertise of the CIA are used in some way to infiltrate and control the highest echelons of our society. The details of how this works, for the time being they remain a mystery. For those who went through some of the organizations and sources in this oversight, it is probably already clear that anyone who ever thought they were a rebel when they:.

You're were literally copying the opinions of a Laurance Rockefeller, a Dr. Granted, very publicly pointing to evidence of historical CIA drug trafficking or the problem of the Israel Lobby is pushing the limits of polite debate, but the fact it, it has most certainly been done in the "new left" media - and in more detail you would initially think.

I sure was surprised to learn about it. The good news is that this awareness within the alternative "new left" does not necessarily point to an evil plot. There's literally nothing wrong with any of these things. In fact, they represent areas of progress. Just be aware that there is also evidence that action and debate is being limited and in some cases, especially with regard to conspiracy, is distorted.

So never allow yourself to fall into the trap of following authority in these alternative pursuits without asking a few hard questions. You absolutely are allowed to go beyond what has been presented, to set up your own parallel research and activist projects, or to draw your own conclusions. In the age of the internet you can put anything out there that you want and that you believe in. Carnegie Corporation of New York. Carnegie Institute for Science. Doris Duke Charitable Fund. Foundation for National Progress.

Diller - Von Furstenberg Family Foundation. William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. Harold K. Hochschild Foundation. John S. Knight Foundation. John D. MacArthur Foundation. Roderick MacArthur Foundation. Nathan Cummings Foundation. National Endowment for Democracy. Open Society Foundations Soros. Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors. Stern Family Fund. Online news: International. Center for Media and Democracy: Sourcewatch, etc.

Political Research Associates. Alliance for Global Justice. Guns: Everytown For Gun Safety. Institute for Public Accuracy. Far West Ltd. Green" ID-ed Kay Griggs investigated. World history in timelines 25 key lies of Graham Hancock exposed Why Atlantis couldn't have existed.

Convential oil has peaked: the numbers Republican Soc. The Club. The Pilgrims Society. Dutroux X-Dossiers. Le Cercle Pinay. How the system is rigged. The best WTC analysis. The Black Dragon Society: Japanese fascism. Rockefeller CIA. Russian power cliques. Timothy Leary. March 17, letter of Richard Bissell, Jr. Ramparts editor Warren Hinckle in Part of the "liberal CIA" network. Pictures from the Daphne Foundation's page of grantees: financing street protests everywhere. Furstenberg Family Foundation.

Media Matters for America. Africa: Save Darfur Sudan. Africa: Kony Uganda. Center for Contemplative Mind. Manitou Foundation. Institute of Noetic Sciences. Center for Cognitive Liberty. Stewartship Coun. Saul Alinsky. The final text stack reads:.

Availability: Uncommon. Due to replacement with newer logos and newer shows, it was extremely rare in recent years. However, DVD releases and streaming have made it easier to find. Editor's Note: Many individuals who grew up during this logo's time period have strong memories of it -- whether fond or otherwise. The loud synthesizer music freaked out a few people in its day, but now this logo stands for nostalgia more than anything else.

Logo: On a black background, a blue P-head appears on the upper-mid screen, facing backwards. A piece, unofficially called "The Split", comes out to the right and settles itself about half an inch away. Composed by Jonathan Elias.

Availability: Common. It appeared on old prints of PBS shows produced from Editor's Note: While this logo has not been seen on television for many years, it is still very highly regarded and is a favorite of many. Multicolor lines wipe in to form the PBS logotype.

Availability: Rare. Then we zoom out through a circle, which turns out to be the eye in the PBS P-Head standing on a floor, made from glass. The PBS logotype flips in. This was seen on the aforementioned mini-documentary Making the PBS Logo , which was used as a filler program for when there was time left at the end of any program. Editor's Note: This logo is highly regarded by the community due in part to its production process, done without resorting to primarily using computer animation.

Logo: Dark blue lights can be seen swirling and moving around over a blue aurora background. The PBS logo, seen in a similar fashion to the 3rd logo, sits over the lights. The logo is colored light blue with a slight tint of teal , it and the text are metallic and the logo reflects the aurora and the lights moving around.

Editor's Note: This logo was a surprise discovery, largely because home recordings from the PBS satellite feed are very rare. Availability: Extinct. Can be seen on Vimeo, oddly enough under the name "PBS ". Logo: On a black background, a CGI window appears with a bird's-eye view of the Earth, a plastic globe spinning on the top right, and a telescope rotating on the bottom left. A pear-colored PBS P-Head with the split colored light blue appears in front of the window and grows smaller as the window grows bigger.

As the two meet each other, the window disappears. Inside the P-Head are transparent images of two globes, a feather and a telescope. The P-Head takes its place in the top center of the screen and turns to light blue and aquamarine as the text " PBS " fades in below them.

Editor's Note: This logo has some very neat effects for the time as well as a calming theme. Logo: On a computer-animated green sky background, a person standing to the left covers his or her head with a black circle with the PBS P-Head on it in white. Acrobats jump from all directions off the circle. Also, throughout the ident, many things happen in the background: On all ten variants, there are small superimposed silhouettes of people flying in a circle behind the acrobats.

On three out of ten of the variants, there are silhouettes of big wands briefly flying down behind the PBS text. And on the rest, there are silhouettes of people tip-toeing in an oval a circle on the widescreen version around the person. Variants: Each time you see this logo, different people are holding the circle with the P-head on it, and the acrobats doing all kinds of tricks around the P-Head circle.

Here's a list of the men and women you see also including the tricks the acrobats do :. Editor's Note: The many variations of this logo marked the beginning of a trend for PBS idents that continues to this very day. Like the last logo, this one also features very nice effects as well as a great musical theme. Logo: Against a computer-animated sky background, a kaleidoscope consisting of several humans holding placards is zoomed in on, with the PBS circle in the center.

The circle briefly fades out before fading back in, and the placards alternate between a random program's title card and a still from the same program throughout. Logo: Against an orange background, we see the PBS circle in a light yellow color with the P-head being the same orange color as the background. The "P" Circle slowly eases back and fades out as four green circles appear and spread around the screen revealing smaller light yellow circles inside.

Four more circles appear and the outer circles merge with the other circles before they begin spreading out. Small circles form "pbs. The circles forming, spreading, merging, and spreading again. The blurring in of the PBS logo.

The circles forming the pbs. Typical early 's animation. Editor's Note: Very simple compared to the rest of the logos on here, but some may like its vaguely '60s-ish vibe.

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